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Monday, August 9, 2010

Out to Taiping Part II - Durian & YTL's factory

AT 9:36 PM

YESH!!!!! If you enjoyed my trip to Taiping the FOOOOOOOD part, I guess you'd like this too!!!! 

In the old town Medan Selera. I posted it in this entry the other day 

Tell me you don't like it!!!!

Exactly!! After a walk to their Medan Selera

With the speed of 3 km/h!!! wth..... 

I can see the sales are all around. Kari said this happened 24/7 here I said YESH! Apparently 

Surprisingly Taiping has no rain at all even ONE DROP on the day we went!!! 

And their still using the old school type of parking meter.
The photo is with a modern guy like an uncle gah.... HAHAHAHHA 

and i  that uncle =X

taking random pictures every the where! 

Random #1

Random #2

Random #3

Random #4

The Store, Taiping.

Shops around the old town.

Random kancil reversing 

Ok, after all the random images. Here's the durian part. You know how cheap the durians were?

Please see below.

It's actually some stall at the road side. Kinda dangerous to stop right here but the durians were too tempting for me not to stop! 

Bought durians from the friendly mak cik.

She's cutting the durian for us.

HERE'S THE DURIAN!!! DAMN NICE!!! I do not fancy those D42 or D24 I don't care. I eat mountain durian! CHEAP!!! NICE!!!!!! NOT HEATY!!!!!!

But we had only 2 bijis cause good things no need to eat a lot. Guess what?

It only cost us RM5.00 for 2 BIJI OF DURIANS!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! Where to find?
Celaka people selling RM8/kg at Kampar. And it wasn't that nice. Urgh..... 

Camwhoring while eating durian!










#11 handsome eating durian!!! 

And I bought the mangosteen also. And guess what? 3 ikats for RM10. I bought 1 ikat for RM3.00.
You get what I mean?

If not, you can either re-read my statement or go long piak (bang the wall).

We were talking to the mak cik. Don't ask what we were talking. I forgot.

 King and the Queen of fruits 

In fact the authentic mountain mangosteens tasted so much better than the farmer's or whosoever's.

How artistic shoot I captured!!! HAHAHAHAH!! 

And when we were on the way back from Taiping to Kampar. We passed by the YTL cement factory.
FYI, YTL corp is sponsoring UTAR a 4D network that enable students to have unlimited online access within the campus. Hope it works. Even though I do not have the honor to use it FML.

Another view of YTL cement factory. I doubted whether he stole all the sands for his cement production


I know it sounds like I end the entry out of sudden but I really don't know what to write dee.
I am bored, I know 

2 beep(s) to KahYee:

Lynder on Aug 9, 2010, 11:25:00 PM said...

woah nice pics... yummy chicken!

Asia News Girl

simonso on Aug 10, 2010, 3:36:00 PM said...

i wonder what does one drop locks up the ocean means? hehe

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