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Friday, August 20, 2010


AT 12:00 AM
I am writing this entry at 1145 Aug 19, 2010. 
And I am going to schedule it to be posted at 0000 Aug 20, 2010.
Because, it's my 21st birthday 
Yes, it's ME! My birthday!
And in this entry, I'd like to re-introduce myself in a not much appropriate way.
As, I already found out who I am and what I wanna do in the future 3 years.
I don't feel lost now 

And it's because of my birthday as well, 
ALL the images in this entry will be flooded with my beh hiao baa face.
[scroll down if you don't believe. a total of i think 16 of it]

[my face blushed without need to apply blusher cause I am healthy ]
and FYI, I did not edit anything on my face either color, structure or whatsoever.
I is naturally LIDAT!

[as like normal ladies, I've pimples as well  ]
To enter the 21st year in my life, I've did 21 special things during the 20th year just to welcome the 21st year of my life, which I'll reveal it later in my coming entry Project QueenKylieForever21.

My name is Lim Kah Yee, Kylie.
In the digital world, I named myself kahyee820 & QueenKylie

I am a person that is lazy to bath, pee, shit, brush my teeth and wash my hair. 
But I wash my hands V-E-R-Y-O-F-T-E-N.

I am an independent young lady with very extremely kiasu and ai bin attitude. They've followed me since I come out from mum's vagina.

I come from a partially broken family as my father and mother quarrel so much you won't believe (if you tell me your parents quarrel much also you just shadap and keep listening/seeing only you say). They sleep separately since n years ago. And today, they never talked to each other anymore even though they are under one roof.

So, that is practically the main reason contributed to my self-centered and too-protective characteristics that I built up few years ago. I've to be like that to ensure the family is still in ONE-PIECE. For that reason as well, I named myself Queen Kylie because I see big things and I am able to do big things.

I am finishing my degree in one and a half month time. After the 15 over years of studies, I planned to give myself a break, going for holidays. I won't be pursuing Masters or PhD in the coming future even though scholarships are offered to me. To me, study AIN'T EVERYTHING.

Life is too short for me to waste on theories I don't like. If I can live until 80-year-old, I've already spent 25% on shits. But if I live lesser than that, they are more shits.

So, like this image. I am actually a humor person who wants freedom and no rules and regulations.
I wanna go anywhere I want. As long as I am healthy. I don't like being ikat by anything.
Therefore, after I finished my last examinations, I won't be looking for a fixed job that taking off 5 out of 7 days in my remaining life. That is way too generous. NO WAY!

My solutions to my after-graduated-life is walking around the entire world. Working flexible job and working-travel around the world.

And of course, I don't think I am as excellent as you all. With your whatever plans trying to change the world. I only live for myself, as long as I am happy and no regrets. And I am also a perfectionist, as in perfect to my point of view, fulfill the standard in my heart. Not for others to see or judge.

As for my current bf, seemingly it wasn't look good by many of others. I was like...
actually i care.

And that's also the reason I've little true friends. I rarely open myself to other. And once I revealed everything, the person could hardly believe that is the real me. Because the outer me and inner me are TOTALLY DIFFERENT 
So, they left me.
As the way I treat my friends, to be honest, I treat my friends with my sincere heart.
Even though I am selfish. But I wanna clarify here, I just wanna make sure both parties (me and my friends) have the equivalent benefits from our relationships.

When I help my friends, I never expect anything but merely just helping.
No other reasons.

So in the world with only my own, I've to carry many things. Being my bf, it not an easy task cause I'll make sure he is with me and he has to agree with me.
Urghh..... in short I am not a good gf, seriously.

And, I don't know the reason/purpose/goal of this entry cause it may sound very emo.
But I assure that my life in the future will be wonderful colorful meaningful and very full  till many of you jehles!


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Anonymous said...

Happy 21st Birthday, KahYee ! i love this entry. i love your confidence ! ^_^

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