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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

OneFM DJ Talent Search - Am I in there?

AT 2:04 PM
Just so you know. I was very busy at the end of July and beginning of Aug that weekend.
31st July and 1st of Aug. So what I did in these two days?

I was doubting whether to post this entry up cause it's a shameful experience for me (that is what I think).

So, I actually went to the oneFM DJ talent search and guess what?

Urghhh.... I is so not willing to tell.

I failed.

Not once,



FML x 87324937294

So what actually happened was....

The first stop - Ipoh Parade.
I was the sixth person to participated. And I thought the chances might be high. That was me filling in the form.

And because we thought we need to participate in order to get the lucky draw prizes, my companion (reveal later) joined too! 

Me when I was waiting. Photo taken by vibrate-able hands  (his hands can never stop shaking while taking picture)

Ok, this is my companion. Due to some P&C reason, he only revealed his sex organ. 

With his stink shoe 

This was me again!

Okay, me again.

My # was 8006, his was 8014.

Image of my crocs. Gonna get another pair soon, I supposed.

K, I am bit deviated from topic.

See I am still waiting.

Seeing human walking around damn bored. I know I am bored, k.

Ok, let's reveal you something. You remember the owner of the sex organ and the stink shoe above? So this is his real face.
HHAHHAHAHAHA!! 50% was his teeth!

Another 50% of teeth!!! Tell you a secret. His eye lashes are longer and more compact than mine. Seriously FML 

Ok, to be honest, there's no photos of my went onto the stage cause that was seriously lame.
So lemme tell you the moral of the story here.

I went on to the stage for casting and I wasn't into even the second round. And I doubt you'll never thought of it, which is, my companion went into the second round and he was just playing on the stage. I seriously do not know what's their criteria to select the potential one.

So, I never give up. Cause I is like that. Don't want any regret in my life. Therefore, I went to another casting at Taiping and that is why I have this and that entry posted before this.

So, at the Taiping station, we were tested in different ways. As in, they will decide to choose or not to choose you within 5 minutes of "introduce yourself and answer very few question by the judges".

All the participants were requested to be sitted seated here and wait for the time comes.

Some lame briefing were given.

And some official photos were taken.

And I thought I looked the best among all the others and I might get myself into the second interview.

But I didn't. I thought they want personality...
.... but ended up they chose a person who keep talking about all the ISA OSA crap. HELLO!!!!! Urgh.... Utterly disappointed.

They do not choose me it's their lost. Not mine. I'd probably go for a better organization next time.

No, I ain't jealous. But it's seriously ridiculous.

Thus, I went for the best animation movie ever - Despicable me 
It was awesome, and it made my day.

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

GB= Growing Boy on Aug 11, 2010, 9:23:00 PM said...

wow, interesting huh! ok str8 to the point, did u get those lenglui's facebook? haha, u sure will be disappointed when seeing this cz tot i jus care abt girls not ur participation in this talent search hah! LOL... nvr give up, gambateh

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