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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are you moist enough?

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By just simply applying Vaseline moisturizing lotion after bath, I can enjoy the most watery skin among the others.

My entry came late but still before the deadline and high probability I will not be invited for the party due to overwhelming response from the other nuffnangers. Even though the 75 guests were selected and the potential winners were chosen for this contest. I know how Vaseline brought my life for being more wonderful than the others and that's indeed true. Congratulations to Vaseline for the new range of products.

I am back from Tioman Island!

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Check out more later! Will be busying for 5 entires due TODAY!!! and moved whole Kampar house to Klang house.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

final round...

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Here is the final round of battle with the examinations and I will be off to the adult working world (I am 99.99% confirm I won't be pursuing Masters of PhD in the future). My busy life will be started IMMEDIATELY after my paper on Monday is done. I really live my life, seriously. I'd most probably travelling three countries within October. I am so happy with that. As I mentioned, I won't be pursuing my Masters or PhD right? I've reasons for that. Because the life within the campus is boring and dull. Yes, some may say it's interesting in the sense of learning more new things but hey! you're only learning new things WITHIN the field you're doing all the time and for me that is effing boring and it limits your imagination or brain width. Reason why being so? Imagine, if you've done your PhD, you're either choose to be a lecturer or lab assistant or lab supervisor (if you've more experience). Yes you might say, I can go to other countries or universities to teach or give speech or reports and all. You know what? If you're able to get your PhD at the age of 26(earliest if you're not genius) at the same age, I've already been to a few countries and learn many new things while you're spending decades in the lab to finish your PhD. I don't want the lame life. Geddit? Plus most lecturers are one kind when they do not update themselves with the latest issues or stuffs in the planet. People they facing almost everyday is the student that is younger than them each year. So some lecturers' mindsets will be fixed or stop learning since 20 years ago. Geddit? I am like trying to convince people not to pursue Masters and PhD. Eh! Janganlah. HAHAHAH!!

I rarely drink bottled drinks or juices (cause all fake one) so, so far, this is the only bottled drink I consume ^^

and HELL YEAH!! I just finished the four articles for my latest part time job. I cannot believe it seriously. They are all in English and few years back, I am still do not dare to face English writing and now I am writing English articles for money. Lolz. At least I know I have such improvement as compared to myself a few years back. Geee.... 

Time to study for tomorrow's paper. Hope everything goes smoothly. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Place I am going in few days time

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Hi friends! I am finishing my final last final exam paper on Monday 11am. I am so happy cause in my entire life I would NOT have exam like this anymore. Really hate that. Really.

But at the same time I am in fear cause I scared what if I fail one of the paper or my final year project cause all of my friends have gotten back their thesis and mine still under further evaluation and they called it as checking. I do not know my thesis was so hard to check. I mean, I didn't cheat on my references, I did everything well except may be for like some grammar mistakes? Gosh, I am worrying like mad now. I am taking it back after my paper on Monday. Crap. Why must they keep mine and not someone else's?
T_______________T If you've this problem before (they keep your thesis longer) can you tell me why they did that? Does it mean I did many things wrongly and high chances to fail my FYP? Or I was being suspected to plagiarize someone's work? I didn't!!!! T___________T 

Anyways, cut the crap I'll be taking back my thesis on Monday so I'll still be going for holiday after all the shits. Education is shits. Yes it is. Especially 16 years of education. 

Ok, back to my holiday~
These are the views of the place I am going! Can't wait!!!
 #1 the place I am living.

 #2 The place I am sleeping

#3 and the view I am gonna see.

Jealous not? Nyahahahahahha!! But I am going there not only for vacation. I still have to work on blog cause there will be 5 entries waiting for me to be done. It has been dragged for so long due to my final examination.

Argh... still emo hope I can pass all the units and leave the evil place as soon as possible.

Ughh.. crap.

p.s. I will reveal my location in the next 6th entry! =P

Thursday, September 23, 2010

UTAR Opinion Poll KFC voucher CHEAT ONE! DON'T JOIN!

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Earlier, it was so highly recommended by UTAR to participate in "UTAR Opinion Poll" since after you complete the polls (for first 1000 participants) you'll be rewarded 2 pieces of KFC/Pizza Hut vouchers.
This is real one you can click here to confirm if you think I am cheating.

Anyways, after you sign up and all, they will ask you A WHOLE LOT OF lame (may be not that lame, but seriously lame lo I think) questions like below:

#1 I'd so wanna say "I KNOW I KNOW!!! Touching can make your girlfriend pregnant!!!!! Um... ACTUALLY ALL OF THE ABOVE!"


#2 HUH!? 

#3 I am not sure but are they gonna misleading the youngster from something? or perhaps THOUGHT the youngster nao are SO EFFING INNOCENT? 

But it's okay cause we'll be rewarded so never mind lah ( that was what I think initially)

And at the end, I've joined three polls, so I am the first 1000 among all for one of it. I was so happy when my baby sister text me and told me I've got a letter with KFC vouchers in it.

Immediately, when I was home to Klang, I brought my siblings to KFC and queue up for effing 45 minutes for the slowFAST food.

And guess what? The waitress at KFC, Jusco, AEON Bukit Tinggi told me the vouchers were unusable. EFF! I told them you better check it out. Another effing 15 minutes of waiting (i HATE waiting, i think so do you & at that moment the Malays are waiting the food to buka puasa geddit?). Then they asked me to pay for a certain amount which are RM (8.80 x 2) x 1.15 (taxes).

i was like a BIG o.O when they asked me to pay cause we were asked to redeem the food only as written behind the voucher below.

This voucher I "stole" from another blogger name stupidmama-love from here (i've ethnic one kay i link her blog's url). This blogger was also very happy cause she's able to enjoy these items in cheaper price. Eh hello stupidmama-love whoever, CHECK THIS OUT!

Remember earlier I thought I do not need to pay, except for the taxes? Now I tell you why I am not ridiculous.

Showed the URL as well to prove this price is really from
First Zinger burger RM 5.90

Secondly Sundae Cup RM 2.85

So by summarizing RM 5.90 + RM 2.85 = RM 8.75 (ignore the carbonated drink cause we can refill for FREE in McD if still say it's counted, effu! it's a VOUCHER so they should NOT count that in K)

Guess what? The sum I've to pay is RM 8.80 x 1.15 (taxes) = RM 10.12 for one voucher.

So, with this so called VOUCHER I've to pay extra money of RM 0.05. Yes, you might think RM 0.05 SO WHAT? eff you your idiot brain. This is an effing voucher so they should at least give CHEAPER or so but not with addition in it. Geddit?

How ridiculous is this? GEDDIT????

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

pre-graduating mood and comment to UTAR

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May be it's too early but 5-6 days left only, just so you know.
[my brother's plasticine art project that done by my sister, she so talented LOL!]

I woke up very early today and went to the morning market. Today is Mid-Autumn Festival and the market was so crowded and interesting. I went to have roti canai and shared a pack of lipid rice with Kari. Now is the afternoon, I can hear the birds "talking" around the house and the weather is just nice. Not too hot or cold.

This evening, I am going to the Kampar pasar malam for the final last time in my entire life, cause I am leaving here soon, in 5-6 days time. This place frankly have not gimme so much of memory. The only thing Kampar gives me is Kari. I'd like to thank him for accompanying me throughout the years, seriously.

And I've already start packing and I've also sent some of my things here back to my hometown, Jalan Tepi Sungai, Klang. When I look back the room and think back the previous two rooms I rented, the things I can recalled are (1) the cooking masak-masak moments and (2) the studying moment until midnight, rushing reports and the highly impressive thesis-doing moment stands the majority.

K, Kampar is raining now.

[the red one iz me while having some fake fire alert in uni]

Ah talk about the university, my commentssss are as below:-
  • fees getting higher for unnecessarily courses/units
  • air-conditioner too cold
  • bad website server for both student portal and web based learning environment (WBLE) [should go liaise with FB to get live feed for every student!!!]
  • untidy system for course registration
  • lecturers car hit student and run
  • unlimited-very car/bike/bicycle parking slot
  • food selling in campus is limited and will make you sick
  • PA system extremely horrible
  • NO SHELTER for you to wait for bus
  • bus service not sufficient
  • house rental is more expensive than the city's (Fhouseowner'sL)
  • ok, i've stop now if not they will stop me from graduating
  • OK! one last one, examination too hard!!!!!!
And all these I mentioned above will definitely NOT gonna put on the portal survey thingy thanks o.O

Nonetheless, I also get to know some awesome new friends as well, even though the amount is very little cause I ain't good in socializing, as in, I don't see the point of waiting few friends to decide what time to go to eat, another wait to decide where to go to eat. The most significant factors causes this to happen were the waiting moment and also timing and food of mine are not suitable for my friends, or I should say what they eat not suitable for me. I have my dinner at 5 p.m. Who the hell so idiot like me? So, I am so lucky to have Kari with me that take care of me most some of the time. If not, even I sick and die at home also no one knows.

Ok, that is all. Not so in the mood for posting something emo yet
The sky continues raining. WOW BIG HEAVY ONE LEH!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

plain words...

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now, i am going to blog with just words because apparently this is a extremely random entry.

[After bathed since last bath was last day...]

ok, live blog entry about my life.

just so you know, this is my 601st entry. since i've gotten six cheques from nuffnang, so averagely i'll get a cheque every one hundred entries. talking about blog, i'll talk about my blogging life. i've started blogging since 11/11/2007 which is the entry here. and so much i realized, my entries at the beginning were so meaningful unlike now, e.g. this entry. but for that particular entry i mentioned above, it was about a lecturer that is six year old older than me that like me. age is not the problem but the occupation of that individual. after that, i realize this particular lecturer has liked few of my seniors. i finally can see how desperate he is. 

about blogs also, i realize many celebrity bloggers are so ridiculous. i mean, when they are still a normal blogger, they did hard to commercialize their blog and all. they can do so many things just to get blog traffic to their blog. which i really don't like their attitude cause they visit your blog to get you to read their blog. and most their blogs are very boring and not interesting at all. they update about the events they went and which celebrity they met and how much of alcoholic beverages they have. that is still ok. worse still, there are many bloggers (female especially) non stop showing how rich they are and all. like saying my birthday give, gxcci bags, prxda heels and my favorite brand is chxnnel. i love travelling and i've went to paris hilton, austrialia, the states and much more at the age of 18 wtf. c'mon la wtf why are you so proud of spending your parents' $ like water supply unlimited wan? and there is another characteristic that is well known by all these bloggers may be you didn't realize, which is, they wear different garments at each every entry. hell? it's not a fault for that but why keep focusing on it. why? yes may be i am jealous but by putting my point of view in a much appropriate perspective, i don't see the point. worst still! if the particular blogger like non stop showing the thigh or curves (on top one) as low as possible for god's sake, get the sand out of the vagina. please. internet is a public world and if you know you're well known and your blog is read by megazillion of people everyday, including youngster or child, ouh please la.

ok done for that. the more i say the more i upset. no point. if you still bother to further read my entry, go ahead. if not, please click the upper right of your computer screen and get off.

now i am gonna talk about bloody examination. cause i just did one ridiculous-est paper in the entire world today. just few hours ago. when i see all the past year papers, they are so not hard as compared to mine. what the kuang? why is one university trying to make as many people repeat as possible or what? i don't see the point. to pull up the standard? who does cares? to earn more money instead. seriously, who cares about the standard of a university? i mean at least don't like letting people that score 10 marks to pass but now adjusted to 50 freaking marks just to pass. and this was said to be arranged by MQA but why only our university has it? if let's say you really wanna pull up your standard, why are you letting masters to teach the final year student? WHY? bloody hell why am i so emo here is because i might not able to graduate smoothly. i see some points when the lecturers non stop asking us to score as high as possible for our coursework because our final exam result is not in our answers. in addition, by upgrading your university's standard doesn't mean those who graduate university will get additional pay (not even rm10) more than other universities' graduates. it's still rm1.8k. not like eh i am UTXR graduate! gimme more! even i am HXRVARD graduate also doesn't work at times! shaddap la....

eh i wanna sleep dee. saliva also dry. you like or don't like this is what i think.


Monday, September 20, 2010


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After came back from seeing dentist with Kari cause he too naughty and lazy to brush teeth so he has gum swelling padan muka. Now he is okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
I finally can relax without need to see his black face and talk like miao miao 
Thanks to me he can has laughs within 5 minutes cause initially he wanted to go to General Hospital and probably have to wait for 3 hours or more if I didn't convinced him to go for private dentist 


And when my dad is shipping parcel to my sister, I wanted to kirim her a post card cause when the parcel reach it'll be her birthday dee. And....

 This is what I wanna kirimkan her. But after that I so lazy so I lazy 

Ok, end. Tomorrow I am having a very gan jiong paper and I have not studied yet COOL!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Places I went, Food I ate [part2]

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Hi, I am supposed to me studying but I choose to blog. So please read every single word below. kthx, not bai yet. 
Okay, because of the lousiness picky attitude of the siblings together with laziness, I've do this for them to draw to decide what time we're going out and we're we supposed to go for dinner 

After we have choose one, but our last decision is Kenny the Roger Roaster cause brother craving for it.

Actually I am not going to enter KRR another time anymore cause nothing special. Limited dishes available and the chicken, EH WHY NOT HOT WAN? NOT AT ALL!! I thought the chicken supposed to be well roasted still warm to serve us, not? 

Alright, the 184 cm, weight still pending cause he non stop reducing weight due to puberty cause he is 13 year old nao. This is the NG version of him.

Another almost NG version.

Act-mature version. He choose this rather than the below. Now Kari is trying to start wearing this line of garments and my brother already wanna be this mature. Heck?

I asked him to choose this instead. Isn't this look a lot better and more suitable for him 13 year old young boy?

Since the food hasn't come yet so time for CAMWHORE!!!!

#2 The fat me with baby sister  And guess what? My brother will be very extremely upset cause I didn't put  below his photo as a caption. He will skype, FB, and sms me just for  




Ouh the food~!
#1 My brother  this cause it's fattening and he wanna make me FAT!!!

#2 The half piece of COLD chicken

#3 Me and my brother share.

#4 My baby sister's. For the reason she cannot have cold drink, GO THINK YOURSELVES WHY! Don't act stupid!! 

#5 Muffins.

While waiting my brother to pee (he takes 5 hours to pee unlike other male only 5 minutes).
#1 Bit cacat right? I don't geddit why my baby sister don't wanna take my shoe in. Hmm...

#2 With shoes.

Acting you see? 

While waiting my brother to change his cloth at fitting room >.<


Genting Highland with go find out yourself!

The morning weather sky.

It has been FIVE freaking years since I last enter the theme park and it also COOL!! This may be the last time also cause for the next time, may be I am too busy, pregnant, or going SG 

Before GoKart. Look at his face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Changed my slipper to this fugly shoe before playing.  I never told them I used to drive with slippers 

This isn't cool enough. CHEAP coaster! nenenebubu.. 

Most of the time I was sitting here.

with their Signature hot chocolate and watch PPS and FB-ing. Did nothing. 

End. I SHALL START STUDY NOW!! But breakfast first la. Gonna cook Korean Instant Noodle with vegessssssssssssssssssssssss 

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