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Friday, September 24, 2010

Place I am going in few days time

AT 4:54 PM
Hi friends! I am finishing my final last final exam paper on Monday 11am. I am so happy cause in my entire life I would NOT have exam like this anymore. Really hate that. Really.

But at the same time I am in fear cause I scared what if I fail one of the paper or my final year project cause all of my friends have gotten back their thesis and mine still under further evaluation and they called it as checking. I do not know my thesis was so hard to check. I mean, I didn't cheat on my references, I did everything well except may be for like some grammar mistakes? Gosh, I am worrying like mad now. I am taking it back after my paper on Monday. Crap. Why must they keep mine and not someone else's?
T_______________T If you've this problem before (they keep your thesis longer) can you tell me why they did that? Does it mean I did many things wrongly and high chances to fail my FYP? Or I was being suspected to plagiarize someone's work? I didn't!!!! T___________T 

Anyways, cut the crap I'll be taking back my thesis on Monday so I'll still be going for holiday after all the shits. Education is shits. Yes it is. Especially 16 years of education. 

Ok, back to my holiday~
These are the views of the place I am going! Can't wait!!!
 #1 the place I am living.

 #2 The place I am sleeping

#3 and the view I am gonna see.

Jealous not? Nyahahahahahha!! But I am going there not only for vacation. I still have to work on blog cause there will be 5 entries waiting for me to be done. It has been dragged for so long due to my final examination.

Argh... still emo hope I can pass all the units and leave the evil place as soon as possible.

Ughh.. crap.

p.s. I will reveal my location in the next 6th entry! =P

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

Anonymous said...

**i am Jealous !! **

Wish KahYee happy holiday and happy graduation and Happy blogging !!

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