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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

plain words...

AT 10:44 PM
now, i am going to blog with just words because apparently this is a extremely random entry.

[After bathed since last bath was last day...]

ok, live blog entry about my life.

just so you know, this is my 601st entry. since i've gotten six cheques from nuffnang, so averagely i'll get a cheque every one hundred entries. talking about blog, i'll talk about my blogging life. i've started blogging since 11/11/2007 which is the entry here. and so much i realized, my entries at the beginning were so meaningful unlike now, e.g. this entry. but for that particular entry i mentioned above, it was about a lecturer that is six year old older than me that like me. age is not the problem but the occupation of that individual. after that, i realize this particular lecturer has liked few of my seniors. i finally can see how desperate he is. 

about blogs also, i realize many celebrity bloggers are so ridiculous. i mean, when they are still a normal blogger, they did hard to commercialize their blog and all. they can do so many things just to get blog traffic to their blog. which i really don't like their attitude cause they visit your blog to get you to read their blog. and most their blogs are very boring and not interesting at all. they update about the events they went and which celebrity they met and how much of alcoholic beverages they have. that is still ok. worse still, there are many bloggers (female especially) non stop showing how rich they are and all. like saying my birthday give, gxcci bags, prxda heels and my favorite brand is chxnnel. i love travelling and i've went to paris hilton, austrialia, the states and much more at the age of 18 wtf. c'mon la wtf why are you so proud of spending your parents' $ like water supply unlimited wan? and there is another characteristic that is well known by all these bloggers may be you didn't realize, which is, they wear different garments at each every entry. hell? it's not a fault for that but why keep focusing on it. why? yes may be i am jealous but by putting my point of view in a much appropriate perspective, i don't see the point. worst still! if the particular blogger like non stop showing the thigh or curves (on top one) as low as possible for god's sake, get the sand out of the vagina. please. internet is a public world and if you know you're well known and your blog is read by megazillion of people everyday, including youngster or child, ouh please la.

ok done for that. the more i say the more i upset. no point. if you still bother to further read my entry, go ahead. if not, please click the upper right of your computer screen and get off.

now i am gonna talk about bloody examination. cause i just did one ridiculous-est paper in the entire world today. just few hours ago. when i see all the past year papers, they are so not hard as compared to mine. what the kuang? why is one university trying to make as many people repeat as possible or what? i don't see the point. to pull up the standard? who does cares? to earn more money instead. seriously, who cares about the standard of a university? i mean at least don't like letting people that score 10 marks to pass but now adjusted to 50 freaking marks just to pass. and this was said to be arranged by MQA but why only our university has it? if let's say you really wanna pull up your standard, why are you letting masters to teach the final year student? WHY? bloody hell why am i so emo here is because i might not able to graduate smoothly. i see some points when the lecturers non stop asking us to score as high as possible for our coursework because our final exam result is not in our answers. in addition, by upgrading your university's standard doesn't mean those who graduate university will get additional pay (not even rm10) more than other universities' graduates. it's still rm1.8k. not like eh i am UTXR graduate! gimme more! even i am HXRVARD graduate also doesn't work at times! shaddap la....

eh i wanna sleep dee. saliva also dry. you like or don't like this is what i think.


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