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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Places I went, Food I ate [part2]

AT 10:03 AM
Hi, I am supposed to me studying but I choose to blog. So please read every single word below. kthx, not bai yet. 
Okay, because of the lousiness picky attitude of the siblings together with laziness, I've do this for them to draw to decide what time we're going out and we're we supposed to go for dinner 

After we have choose one, but our last decision is Kenny the Roger Roaster cause brother craving for it.

Actually I am not going to enter KRR another time anymore cause nothing special. Limited dishes available and the chicken, EH WHY NOT HOT WAN? NOT AT ALL!! I thought the chicken supposed to be well roasted still warm to serve us, not? 

Alright, the 184 cm, weight still pending cause he non stop reducing weight due to puberty cause he is 13 year old nao. This is the NG version of him.

Another almost NG version.

Act-mature version. He choose this rather than the below. Now Kari is trying to start wearing this line of garments and my brother already wanna be this mature. Heck?

I asked him to choose this instead. Isn't this look a lot better and more suitable for him 13 year old young boy?

Since the food hasn't come yet so time for CAMWHORE!!!!

#2 The fat me with baby sister  And guess what? My brother will be very extremely upset cause I didn't put  below his photo as a caption. He will skype, FB, and sms me just for  




Ouh the food~!
#1 My brother  this cause it's fattening and he wanna make me FAT!!!

#2 The half piece of COLD chicken

#3 Me and my brother share.

#4 My baby sister's. For the reason she cannot have cold drink, GO THINK YOURSELVES WHY! Don't act stupid!! 

#5 Muffins.

While waiting my brother to pee (he takes 5 hours to pee unlike other male only 5 minutes).
#1 Bit cacat right? I don't geddit why my baby sister don't wanna take my shoe in. Hmm...

#2 With shoes.

Acting you see? 

While waiting my brother to change his cloth at fitting room >.<


Genting Highland with go find out yourself!

The morning weather sky.

It has been FIVE freaking years since I last enter the theme park and it also COOL!! This may be the last time also cause for the next time, may be I am too busy, pregnant, or going SG 

Before GoKart. Look at his face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Changed my slipper to this fugly shoe before playing.  I never told them I used to drive with slippers 

This isn't cool enough. CHEAP coaster! nenenebubu.. 

Most of the time I was sitting here.

with their Signature hot chocolate and watch PPS and FB-ing. Did nothing. 

End. I SHALL START STUDY NOW!! But breakfast first la. Gonna cook Korean Instant Noodle with vegessssssssssssssssssssssss 

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