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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fake buyers online? YOU DON'T BE CONNED!

AT 8:00 AM
Recently, I am selling some stuffs online. And very fast I got replied from some unknown people who claimed themselves are from either UK or US. And I refused to sell them thing because they are ridiculous. As in, they are willing to pay RM300+ postage fees and with the total of RM almost 500 per item they purchase.

I was thinking, the sum of the money they are going to pay for me they can buy the same item for twice or thrice. What's the purpose they did it that way?

Below are 3 evidence of what I mentioned above.

From UK, interested and required me to send their items to Oyo State, Nigeria.

Awaiting my Fastest Reply. As what I think, they need my personal information i.e. Account name, Account number, Bank Name, Bank Address and etc.

Why they wanna get so much of information from you?

According to reliable source, they want your personal banking information to steal money from your account, basically by faking every single thing.

From USA interested my item and required me to post it to Oyo State, Nigeria, AGAIN!!

From UK, required me to send the item to Oyo State, Nigeria.
Note that #1 and #3 provide me the 100% identical address!

As far as I know, they are using the similar address because they are able to fake the PayPal receipt or whatever receipt it could be. After they sent you the receipt, you'll send your items to them and cause the second lost. Almost 99.99% of these cases require you to send the items to Nigeria. 

Trust me, there is no such thing as almost every buyer has wife, brother, son, auntie and uncle staying at Nigeria.

Just beware with the hallucination world.

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