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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can you feel my mood today?

AT 4:45 PM
I was back from the first paper of my final semester 5 and a half hours ago.

The feeling after finishing the paper was ahhh haaa?

Sincerely, I took only one day to study for the paper. And honestly, I don't mind. Frankly, I mind a little bit la.  In the five and half hours, I did nothing except for watching videos online. My hands and legs are so not tired but my brain is exhausted. I wanted to sleep but I so wanna online.

And I guess most of my friends did well in the paper just now. The questions were easy but I do not know how to do.

Actually, I am fine if I am able to pass the paper. I know by saying I don't mind the exam wasn't a good excuse. But I really not so care about it. Examination is shitz. They shouldn't appear in the world. It accounted for 70% of our results? HECK?! o.O

Result doesn't mean anything. It is not I've no discipline but it is the brain telling me examination is for idiots. Not for us.

3 more to go, I've off from the examination century.

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