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Friday, September 3, 2010

Probably the last time for Cameron.

AT 6:54 PM
Just came back from the Genting Highland moment ago. Tiring journey. Had fun, too.

Not sure whether I am gonna blog about it. I am gonna busy with job interviews. Fingers-crossed*

Alright, back to the title. I am bit emo here cause Kari lost his RM 50 with RM 17.60 of KFC vouchers. Sad.

Ok, back to the title again, the Cameron trip.
The view outside the room. 

The view inside the room.

It's very messi I know. That is my style okay. I am supposed to do my thesis wan lol.
Can't believe it. I did nothing at all, except for eating. Cause not enough time to die.

I also don't know what was he doing. We both were busy surfing net I guess. He tried to do his FYP statistic test. And finally he got it. But don't know what's their problem, he failed, again, and have to redo. FHL.

Mostly in pink. Don't ask me why. I am emo nao!

Went to the whatever park.

Saw one ah pek walking around. LOL!

and I had this. Ok, it's lame entry I know. So do Cameron. Due to the people there are looking forward for the peak season coming SOON (next week the school holidays and Hari Raya), most of them closed for one week, I think. And that was the week I went. So I went there to surf net and avoid the hot weather from Kampar. YAY!! Ok, lame again. I know cause I am still emo-ing. Urgh... bai...

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