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Thursday, September 23, 2010

UTAR Opinion Poll KFC voucher CHEAT ONE! DON'T JOIN!

AT 9:52 PM
Earlier, it was so highly recommended by UTAR to participate in "UTAR Opinion Poll" since after you complete the polls (for first 1000 participants) you'll be rewarded 2 pieces of KFC/Pizza Hut vouchers.
This is real one you can click here to confirm if you think I am cheating.

Anyways, after you sign up and all, they will ask you A WHOLE LOT OF lame (may be not that lame, but seriously lame lo I think) questions like below:

#1 I'd so wanna say "I KNOW I KNOW!!! Touching can make your girlfriend pregnant!!!!! Um... ACTUALLY ALL OF THE ABOVE!"


#2 HUH!? 

#3 I am not sure but are they gonna misleading the youngster from something? or perhaps THOUGHT the youngster nao are SO EFFING INNOCENT? 

But it's okay cause we'll be rewarded so never mind lah ( that was what I think initially)

And at the end, I've joined three polls, so I am the first 1000 among all for one of it. I was so happy when my baby sister text me and told me I've got a letter with KFC vouchers in it.

Immediately, when I was home to Klang, I brought my siblings to KFC and queue up for effing 45 minutes for the slowFAST food.

And guess what? The waitress at KFC, Jusco, AEON Bukit Tinggi told me the vouchers were unusable. EFF! I told them you better check it out. Another effing 15 minutes of waiting (i HATE waiting, i think so do you & at that moment the Malays are waiting the food to buka puasa geddit?). Then they asked me to pay for a certain amount which are RM (8.80 x 2) x 1.15 (taxes).

i was like a BIG o.O when they asked me to pay cause we were asked to redeem the food only as written behind the voucher below.

This voucher I "stole" from another blogger name stupidmama-love from here (i've ethnic one kay i link her blog's url). This blogger was also very happy cause she's able to enjoy these items in cheaper price. Eh hello stupidmama-love whoever, CHECK THIS OUT!

Remember earlier I thought I do not need to pay, except for the taxes? Now I tell you why I am not ridiculous.

Showed the URL as well to prove this price is really from
First Zinger burger RM 5.90

Secondly Sundae Cup RM 2.85

So by summarizing RM 5.90 + RM 2.85 = RM 8.75 (ignore the carbonated drink cause we can refill for FREE in McD if still say it's counted, effu! it's a VOUCHER so they should NOT count that in K)

Guess what? The sum I've to pay is RM 8.80 x 1.15 (taxes) = RM 10.12 for one voucher.

So, with this so called VOUCHER I've to pay extra money of RM 0.05. Yes, you might think RM 0.05 SO WHAT? eff you your idiot brain. This is an effing voucher so they should at least give CHEAPER or so but not with addition in it. Geddit?

How ridiculous is this? GEDDIT????

6 beep(s) to KahYee:

Shyuan ty on Sep 24, 2010, 6:22:00 AM said...

Hahaha.. Thanks for the advise ya.. The discount vouchers are still loitering around my table.. I think I won't be using it since I need to pay extra for it.. xD

LimKahYee, Kylie on Sep 24, 2010, 9:18:00 AM said...

you should NOT use it. lol. it's damn stupid!

Anonymous said...

i join niao, but i never get any voucher from UTAR. sobsss....

Anonymous said...

Actually, having sex during a girl's period may still be possible to get her pregnant and though chances a low, conception during menstruation is quite possible :P

I'm not sure whether you chose the answers appearing in your picture or not or whether those were just what was highlighted as a default, haha.

LimKahYee, Kylie on Oct 3, 2010, 10:24:00 PM said...

prexus: those i highlighted i purposely wan HAHAHAHAHHA!!! Xp

Adrian Foo (符显杨) on Oct 4, 2010, 1:14:00 AM said...

Hey Kah Yee!

I received such reward too from UTAR. I agree on what you mentioned in this post.

I'm truly disappointed! I have almost the same experience as you

I even linked your post into my blog post. Hope you don't mind.

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