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Sunday, September 26, 2010

final round...

AT 1:44 PM
Here is the final round of battle with the examinations and I will be off to the adult working world (I am 99.99% confirm I won't be pursuing Masters of PhD in the future). My busy life will be started IMMEDIATELY after my paper on Monday is done. I really live my life, seriously. I'd most probably travelling three countries within October. I am so happy with that. As I mentioned, I won't be pursuing my Masters or PhD right? I've reasons for that. Because the life within the campus is boring and dull. Yes, some may say it's interesting in the sense of learning more new things but hey! you're only learning new things WITHIN the field you're doing all the time and for me that is effing boring and it limits your imagination or brain width. Reason why being so? Imagine, if you've done your PhD, you're either choose to be a lecturer or lab assistant or lab supervisor (if you've more experience). Yes you might say, I can go to other countries or universities to teach or give speech or reports and all. You know what? If you're able to get your PhD at the age of 26(earliest if you're not genius) at the same age, I've already been to a few countries and learn many new things while you're spending decades in the lab to finish your PhD. I don't want the lame life. Geddit? Plus most lecturers are one kind when they do not update themselves with the latest issues or stuffs in the planet. People they facing almost everyday is the student that is younger than them each year. So some lecturers' mindsets will be fixed or stop learning since 20 years ago. Geddit? I am like trying to convince people not to pursue Masters and PhD. Eh! Janganlah. HAHAHAH!!

I rarely drink bottled drinks or juices (cause all fake one) so, so far, this is the only bottled drink I consume ^^

and HELL YEAH!! I just finished the four articles for my latest part time job. I cannot believe it seriously. They are all in English and few years back, I am still do not dare to face English writing and now I am writing English articles for money. Lolz. At least I know I have such improvement as compared to myself a few years back. Geee.... 

Time to study for tomorrow's paper. Hope everything goes smoothly. 

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

ken on Sep 26, 2010, 4:35:00 PM said...

glad you have the confidence in english writing.. and all the best =)

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