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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

pre-graduating mood and comment to UTAR

AT 3:34 PM
May be it's too early but 5-6 days left only, just so you know.
[my brother's plasticine art project that done by my sister, she so talented LOL!]

I woke up very early today and went to the morning market. Today is Mid-Autumn Festival and the market was so crowded and interesting. I went to have roti canai and shared a pack of lipid rice with Kari. Now is the afternoon, I can hear the birds "talking" around the house and the weather is just nice. Not too hot or cold.

This evening, I am going to the Kampar pasar malam for the final last time in my entire life, cause I am leaving here soon, in 5-6 days time. This place frankly have not gimme so much of memory. The only thing Kampar gives me is Kari. I'd like to thank him for accompanying me throughout the years, seriously.

And I've already start packing and I've also sent some of my things here back to my hometown, Jalan Tepi Sungai, Klang. When I look back the room and think back the previous two rooms I rented, the things I can recalled are (1) the cooking masak-masak moments and (2) the studying moment until midnight, rushing reports and the highly impressive thesis-doing moment stands the majority.

K, Kampar is raining now.

[the red one iz me while having some fake fire alert in uni]

Ah talk about the university, my commentssss are as below:-
  • fees getting higher for unnecessarily courses/units
  • air-conditioner too cold
  • bad website server for both student portal and web based learning environment (WBLE) [should go liaise with FB to get live feed for every student!!!]
  • untidy system for course registration
  • lecturers car hit student and run
  • unlimited-very car/bike/bicycle parking slot
  • food selling in campus is limited and will make you sick
  • PA system extremely horrible
  • NO SHELTER for you to wait for bus
  • bus service not sufficient
  • house rental is more expensive than the city's (Fhouseowner'sL)
  • ok, i've stop now if not they will stop me from graduating
  • OK! one last one, examination too hard!!!!!!
And all these I mentioned above will definitely NOT gonna put on the portal survey thingy thanks o.O

Nonetheless, I also get to know some awesome new friends as well, even though the amount is very little cause I ain't good in socializing, as in, I don't see the point of waiting few friends to decide what time to go to eat, another wait to decide where to go to eat. The most significant factors causes this to happen were the waiting moment and also timing and food of mine are not suitable for my friends, or I should say what they eat not suitable for me. I have my dinner at 5 p.m. Who the hell so idiot like me? So, I am so lucky to have Kari with me that take care of me most some of the time. If not, even I sick and die at home also no one knows.

Ok, that is all. Not so in the mood for posting something emo yet
The sky continues raining. WOW BIG HEAVY ONE LEH!!

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Anonymous said...

i click **LIKE**
Your post always so 有感情,动感,节奏,情绪,精彩...
i dunno how to describe, but there is a word to summarize all => very emotional engagement.

my English is very much limited. so,hope it still can be understood.


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