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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ng Ee's farewell [at] i-City

AT 9:47 AM
Ohai people, another friend of mine is flying.
This friend of mine is flying to UK. He is there already cause the flight is September 02, 2010 

And guess what?! 

I am still in Malaysia. For 21 years  I am here.

Never jealous cause I am graduating in 2 weeks time 

Venue: i-City
Yes, i-City. Now to enter this not very i i-city, you've to pay RM10 per car per entry for their i-ness.

You pay for 
  • only one lift available for this whole building.
  • and the lift is without electricity one, which means, it's DARK one la. Ghost beside you also you won't know.
  • there are ONLY TWO unisex toilets available and you've to walk thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis long for that.
  • everyone smoking around.
  • limited restaurants and forced you to eat there [the RM10 entry is for that LAME]
  • not able to take appropriate photo cause too crowded.
  • if you wanna enter the "Snow House" or "Safari" you've to pay additional RM10 cause the electricity current too expensive.

But gathering with friends/family - priceless 

The "Emblem" for i-city, this "Christmas tree". If you never see this Christmas tree, means you never pay RM10 

My friend doing direct sales. He so hard-sell 

Cause we've nothing to do there, so we capture each other's ugly photos like this.

This is my version. Not that ugly right? Not that ugly right? See I am nice!

This was the effect when two flashes on together. The consequences of snapping non-stop altogether.

That fella trying to capture me. He is the one flew to Germany. Back for semester break.

Another one from me, still nice you see! I iz a potential photographer!!

Still nice! From left [Sunderland, Germany, Maktab Perguruan - Chinese Studies]

Iz me.
Malaysia! Perak, kampar, utar

Avoiding the direct sales friend 

Avoiding paparazzi 

Real being paparazzi-ed!!!!!

Heading to the restaurant area.

Opposite to restaurants.

Nice to see from far though.

Captured in photo in a special mode. To prevent you from seeing too many random people walking around.

Like this >.< 

So turned to the mode again. Don't-see-people-mode.

Nice! But it's freaking hot I sweat like no tomorrow and everyone of my friend was laughing at me T______T

This is nice. And it's nice you can play a game here! You try to climb onto those animals and the guard there will PEEP PEEP you!!

If like this they won't PEEP  you la. I don't know where my hand gone. Don't ask me.

My friend said this looked like TV1 at midnight 

So I take more TV1 photo! 

I like this photo. You get what I mean? SO stylist!

Someone was being peep peep up there.


Random 2 Germans with Dota King that insisted to stay in Malaysia even his family is rich 

Clear image of Germans and Dota King.

I love this more cause this made me think of you know some backstreet boys or westlife's album cover FML!

In both group photos, the main character, the one flying to Sunderland was not in.
He wanna be dou san. 赌神… God of the Gamble.


1 beep(s) to KahYee:

Anonymous said...

The i-city is so leng nuh ! where it is located at tu? so nice, everything. leng~ Kah Yee also leng. You are going to graduate soon niao, so much envious nuh~ uh! sobsss... BUT still wishing you HAPPY GRADUATE SOON. ^_^ wave wave with a tearing eyes.

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