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Monday, September 20, 2010


AT 11:00 AM

After came back from seeing dentist with Kari cause he too naughty and lazy to brush teeth so he has gum swelling padan muka. Now he is okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
I finally can relax without need to see his black face and talk like miao miao 
Thanks to me he can has laughs within 5 minutes cause initially he wanted to go to General Hospital and probably have to wait for 3 hours or more if I didn't convinced him to go for private dentist 


And when my dad is shipping parcel to my sister, I wanted to kirim her a post card cause when the parcel reach it'll be her birthday dee. And....

 This is what I wanna kirimkan her. But after that I so lazy so I lazy 

Ok, end. Tomorrow I am having a very gan jiong paper and I have not studied yet COOL!

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