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Saturday, September 4, 2010

busy last weekend.

AT 10:04 AM
Last week, 

I went to the interview at 12B Heritage House,Jalan Yap Ah Shack, Kuala Lumpur. [go check yourself if you wanna know what company is that]. And I guess I failed to get the job cause never receive their call this week. 

On that day itself, just before the interview, I dropped by Times Square for Krispy Creme for breakfast.
I had the "burger" set there. It tasted not bad. But the portion is a bit too small for me =X 

 this image because it looks like a very full and packed and updated breakfast in a busy city.

And I went to Times Square of course was not for the breakfast only.
I went to the Berjaya Hotels & Resorts dept as well.

To redeem the air tickets for my flight to Tioman Island end of this month, right after my final final exam 

And, another friend of mine, which already in Sunderland, UK had his farewell last weekend.

A few of us went for Bah Kut Teh!!!  So looooong I never been for a proper Bah Kut Teh already even though my hometown is at Klang, the Bah Kut Teh town.

I had pai kut! NICE! 


Then, we headed to the i-city, which was not that i at all wtf T________T

It was so warm I sweat till almost transparent  even though I am wearing green top LOL!!

Nothing better to do, you see!

This the left one, Ng Ee, which his current location is at Sunderland, UK. We will miss you  

And the next morning, I went to After Shock 《唐山大地震》with my father.
After the meaningful early bird show, we went to Dragon-i for lunch.

And this is probably the final last time I am going to Dragon-i.

My dad's.


The end of the entry.

I am rushing to finish my thesis today so that I can join my siblings earlier for their school holidays!!!!
Opss.. I guess I forgot about my final final exam now. WHO CARES!!!!!!!!

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