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Sunday, October 31, 2010

New chapter in my life.

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Hi friends, it has been a while since I last blog. Particularly it's due to the new full time permanent work I am engaged with. Yes, I have found my desired career after a month I finished my final exam. I went to the interview during study week. And I really think it's necessary to do that cause I've already starting to count ants in my house a few days ago. 

So luckily, I've engaged to work selling sciences (particularly microbiology) equipments imported from the States under a local company.

It was so surprised that the company is unexpectedly flexible, I love the company structure it's like a small family. Guess what? The personnel so far includes the boss it's only SEVEN human in the office everyday!! Hyper love it!

Anyhow I am still very new in the society trying to me like a dry sponge to absorb every single GOOD thing in the society as fast as I can but of course to make sure I don't fall down first la lol.

I just came back from Sunday work @ Times Square cause having Bio1Conference there. I learned something also. After so many years (1 year) I did not take public transport (KTM) I still feel the same (actually worse) disappointment wit'em. Oh and I found one aunty asked me for RM 2 and I didn't give her cause I am in a rush I guiltiness filled up my brain & stayed till now T___________T

Back to my work, yes I am still learning, even though I no need to take exam anymore but sciences can never get rid of reading. So I still have a lot to read but to read in a much mature way!

And I am officially start working tomorrow. And it's NOVEMBER!!! Means my blogniversary is coming soon!! Three years blogging experience is average only. HA!! A dull after excitement of blogniversary. November is a good start! After a 2 to 3 months of probation I'll be a official worker in the January 2011!! Thanks for my well planning & little unforeseen circumstances given the the God! 

Sankiu everybody!! Sankiu!!! I'm signing off to read thesis now. My lovely man's thesis.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Uniquely Singapore Trip! [part II - Universal Studio]

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As I promised earlier, this is my PLAY-LIKE-A-KID entry!!! Nyahahahhaa.. I was so excited with HTC Aria I bought myself yesterday!!! Almost forgot this entry cause in deep love with my Aria. He's not that hard to understand only =D

Back to the entry!

I went to the friends' high school for breakfast!!

That was the best meal I had during the journey! And it's cheapest. Cheap like MAD!!!! [I looked bit bengkak cause just woke up]

Ok, we took bus to Resort World Sentosa. From the Bugis bus station, we took a taxi to I forgot where (very cheap only SGD 6 around that) then we waited for Resort's bus SGD 2 unlimited ride!

And TADAH~~~
The place they dropped us is le Casino.

We straight went to the Universal Studio cause earlier the bus to bring us to the Bugis station was late for almost an hour for NO REASON!! Scroll down for the bad impression I've towards Singapore =X

Too many random people there, so just focus on the colorful part =D

We were discussing stuffs (how to invade the Studio).

We're able reach Resort World Sentosa with cable car also!

Ticket Price: SGD 66 (adult)
includes SGD 5 for meal & SGD 5 for souvenir NICEST!!

If you go during holiday or peak period, you are not able to finish playing all those in one day. But luckily I went there during normal low season & we are able to make good management & timing so we're able to do it!! 

We first put unnecessarily stuffs into locker! Just beside the entrance.

They charged accordingly to the hour used. For unlimited, SGD 10.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! We're here!!!

Everything is so solid. I was so happy once I entered. Heh heh heh..

They've photographer to take picture for us. NICEST!

Can take twice NICEST-EST!!

A lot of restaurants & mercantile shops in it.

I love shopping there cause everything was so cute!!

We were also get to see many highly demanded to be seen characters like Sherk & Fiona with some others (scroll down for more).

Far Far Awayayayayayayayayayayay~~

& suddenly he wanna do big business so me and another friend (Desmond) have to wait for him =X
Then after the big business he complained doing business there is pressured cause the cleaner keep waiting outside the toilet to clean. Gosh.. I encountered that too in Genting Highland FTL. Really got people in it you still wanna wait in fronta the toilet for what? Better smelling for the 'thing' we done? Don't und!

While waiting, I was capturing photos around.

The map of Universal Studio (about to type Universal Traveler =.=)

My fav in this whole big studio is 1. GINGER MAN!! 2. PENGUIN!!!

It is soon to be MINE!!! Nyahahahahahha~

The beverages they selling also very unique I love LOLZ!

Just ignore if you want.

We went to the 4D Shrek show!! Effing fun!! HHAHAHHAH!!
Prior the show, we were briefed outside for 15 minutes.

Ignore the perverted one, he is mine.

Next, Jurassic Park - Waterworld.
Kinda lame.

Just to see people get wet & the boom bi ba boom scenes with fire crackers lolz!!!

And some action like this.

Booming scene (not that Selina one)

Next, still Jurassic Park but another game. This is effing cool but coolest is .... (please scroll down)

Another game at Jurassic Park.
This game is to test your luck.

If you're suey, you'll get wet like WHAT!! HAHHA!! Second coolest!! (Coolest still behind!)

Then we quickly go for lunch with the voucher given.
See! I'm half wet, he is FULLY wet. HAHAHAHHAHA!!

The coolest game IZ HERE!!! OMFG!!! It was so cool you must go yourself. It's a underground roller coaster in a dark condition you can see NOTHING in there & the roller coaster go up down back & forward FOL!!

Ignore me.

Then after all the harsh games...
just taking pictures around.


Then ngam ngam there is a show in theater.
It was only few minutes more we managed to catch the last show!

Done! Taking picture around before the studio is shut down.

& we managed to catch this show!!! We run like what for this lolz..
Seeing donkey singing. We were just there for air-cond & relax after whole day of over-hyper-activities.

Last photo in the Studio.

candylicious outside the Studio. We didn't enter due to insufficient time.

Night scenes.

That's the end of my Uniquely Singapore Trip!

Okay, time for bad things. Things I DON'T LIKE about Singapore.
  1. This is really piss me off. I know SG water very precious but I could hardly find a toilet with water hose in it.
  2. The bus service I encountered (even though it's still waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay much better then Malaysia's.
  3. That's all.
  4. Yes, that's all. LOL!!
They are good. One thing I need to give them a compliment. Regardless of you're staying in the hotel/resorts or not, anything you ask the receptionist of the hotel, they will answer you sincerely without showing beh song face!! THUMBS UP x 7

Okay, i've no mood for jokes now cause there is new chapter in my life tomorrow. kinda gan jiong, but not gan jiong then when i entering primary school la =X

ok. I'll be off from home 12 hour per day for work. T_______T this is challenging for me.

I'll be working continuously for 8 days & traveling to Penang for 3 days & continue working for 5 days. For 17 days, I wish I can survive. Do stay connected with me!!!!!!!!!

wo ai ni~~~

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