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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Again?

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In your schooling time, have you ever been bullied by your bullier friends? Like they always apply glue on your chairs or um... they always open your bags and "borrowed" your text books when they didn't bring one. Or... like they eat the homemade lunch prepared by your mother? Read the following paragraphs for my scenarios and you may laugh like no tomorrow T______________________T

  1. Bottles exchanger
  2. When I was in high schools, we always use the same types of water bottles like, the most famous one, Tupperware, or for someone like me without the branded bottles, we use Coca Cola's bottles, neh that one 1.5L one la you remember? Or 100Plus bottles lol.. everyone's bottles looked exactly the same! And there were a few times, there were some bottle exchangers that ALWAYS nothing better to do that exchange people's bottles. Finally, when I was in Form 4, I experienced once and I cried madly like hell man cause I felt so guilty due to my idiotness I drank the bottle people exchanged with me. And guess what I did after that, I poured whole bottle of my 1.5L 100Plus into the bottle exchanger's bag and yeah.. lolz... a year later, he was my dancing partner for Form 5 graduation night. sweat max!
  3. Homework borrowers
  4. Apparently la... cause many people (especially boys, particularly the playful one) always lazy to do homework and ALWAYS borrow homework buku latihan matematik from nerdy students (like me). And there is so frequently they almost everyday forgot to return the buku latihan and made me so nervous. That is not the worst. For worser, it's those who don't borrow but steal your buku latihan secretly. Seriously lor.. Do you need to do that? =.= sad case.
  5. Boyfriend stealer
  6. Yeah yeah yeah yeah~ I encountered once. The same boy since my Form 1 till Form 5. So sad. Even though after 4 years I still feel the pain on my heart. Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It was happened when I like the guy & the guy likes me as well. But ended we didn't get together even after 5 years due to the boyfriend stealer. Apparently, this guy is a fehmes guy in our high school and he was so excellent good in sports and result (which every school will have at least one of this guy lah). Then, many girls like him and went after him. These girls pretended to be so soft and flirty in front of him and talked so many bad things about me in front of him (apparently those bad things were totally fake one lah). And finally the guy doesn't like me and after he think think he likes me back & this cycle goes around comes around for my entire 5 years of high school life. Sad not? T________________T Just because the Top 1 boy in the school likes me I've to suffer from these.
  7. Gossipers
  8. I admit, I am also a gossiper but it's not that bad one kay! I mean, who doesn't gossip? But what I encountered during high school was awful!!! Those girls (gossipers) pretended to be so good with me and all (remember? cause the Top1 boy likes me) and therefore the girls treated me very good. And I was so stupid I believed everyone of them and I laugh cry yell shout in front of them and when they gotten sufficient information from me, they betrayed me and they spread what I've been told them since n th years ago to the entire world!! FML. Why was I so stupid? The consequence is, all juniors and/or senior in the entire school knows what happened with me and I am famous (in the bad sense). These gossipers can exaggerate everything and messed everything up and guess what? They can even create a Yahoo Group just to discuss and gossip about me. Hey, I was fehmes too. =.=
  9. Seniors
  10. Last but not least, seniors. Hello seniors!! I was a school band member back to high school. And I was in Form 1 and I was so ugly so people tend to bully me more. During marching time, they will ask me to march longer and other do not need T____T Others can eat lunch earlier and I cannot T______________________________T Form1 passed very fast so not much sad case given by the seniors.
These are my version of story! See even after 4 years  I can still remember each and everyone of them with their own version of stories.  Dahhhhhhhhhhhh...

And guess what? Walt Disney Motion Pictures has presented the movie almost like what I've said!!! But the worse is, it's the reunion of the bullied person with the bullier - "You Again?" The movie is in town SOON!!

Courtesy of Nuffnang and Walt Disney Motion Pictures Malaysia, they are giving out FREE movie tickets for person who did creative entry like mine!!! =D (hope i can get it :/ ) Go to the website now for more information.

p.s. This entry is purposely  for the You Again? the movie screening purposes. =)

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