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Saturday, October 9, 2010


AT 2:33 PM
it has been a time since i last blog. dahhhhhhhhh.. i know i know.. but i've been busying for my thesis amendment and passport doing.. i'll report each one of it as detail as possible regardless it is good or BAD one. Urgh.... I am still under trauma of my thesis 

my mom was here earlier i don't wanna let her see what i am doing she'll be nagging blah-ing all the way..

anyways, i'll first talk about my thesis. it was so ridiculous i wanna die. guess what? i thought all the reddish words were so terribly gazillions of it full of almost every pages. oh, lemme clarify first. there were two lecturers marking my thesis. each copy for one. the first lecturer who marked in black is basically mark a lil lil lil bit of my grammar mistakes and that is all cause basically, my English isn't that bad. Then, another lecturer, as i mentioned earlier, which using red in color ball pen, omfg i wanna kill myself what i saw what he/she did on my thesis. please refer to the list below:
  1. adding "s" when i didn't and removing "s" when i did. changed all the was to were OR were to was lah apparently.
  2. changing all the "in" to "on"
  3. strike "that is" when i was using and add in "that is" when i am not
  4. changed NAA (a plant hormone) 3 mg/L to 3 mg/L NAA, when i write 3 mg/L NAA then he/she will add an "of" in between to become 3 mg/L of NAA (URGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!)
  5. adding "a" or "the" in front of words when i am not using, vice versa
  6. changed all British style English to American English (we're supposed to use British English fyi)
  7. corrected all my correct format (apparently this lecturer doesn't know what's the real format we're using)
  8. changed all the past tense to presence tense (we're supposed to use all past tense for the report)
  9. his/her grammar mistakes e.g. changed my "blue in colour" to "blue color" (GO DAI LA GO BACK TO KINDERGARTEN PLS!!!)
these NINE SINS of this lecturer are able to make me unable to graduate, seriously.
finally i know why my thesis was there for "further checking" due to the idiot. HELLO!! a thesis marker should not be like this. unfortunately this is UTAR's standard. ridiculously insane by letting cincai chapalang lecturer to mark the students' thesis. can't be more angry than this!

as seen i've finish editing my thesis, my final final final exam result will be revealed soon as well. nervous till death like there are a lot of what-ifs in my mind now say what if i fail one subject, what if i cannot graduate with my friends and imagine what if i've to repeat for another semester. a lot of touch wood's what-if. fail max T______________T


Oh ya just renewed my passport yesterday and i am going to Singapore in few hours later for the adventitious trip!!! yeepee!!!!! well i was so surprised that the government workers have so good attitude. glad that. but still the time taken for a passport to be renewed has to spend 4 hours o.O yeah yeah yeah as compared to last time i know we're supposed to be thank god, guanima, guang gong, to di gong and whatever gong it is. but in this decade, HELLO!!!! i prefer better one like sufficient time or something like that? one thing annoyed me a lot is i thought government building should have wi-fi available for the public? even McD has it! come one lah. time to do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And yes thank guanima, guan gong, dua pek gong these two mafan cases were DONE and i can relax for another trip now =)

and i got myself update from FB that there is a few of my friends have already attached to some professors for master studies. dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sick of hearing that. at the mean time, i am like berlengah-lengah searching for job, a carrier that i want. it is not easy cause i am not excellent enough for both entertainment industry and science technology industry. i can has death, you see my point?

oh another update for myself, i am in the progress of reducing weight *shy* if not i don't think anyone would like to hire me for anything =X okay i gotta off now. yes, no photos lately cause not free to upload and edit @@

see yall in Singapore later~~~~~~~  

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

The Khang on Oct 10, 2010, 11:37:00 AM said...

happy trip trip singapore...
Is my turn to begin the fucking insane fyp things~! i haven't start, but heard u all saying make fade up adi...

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