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Sunday, October 17, 2010

long lost?

AT 9:19 PM
 [went to SG the other day. LOVE SG so much i can't resist. blog about it later!]

I feel like I am disappear from the blog. Yes, but no. Actually I've time for blogging but I am just.......... I don't know.

This, right now, it's a turning point in my life so I am bit not used to it yet. You know why? When I came back from Kampar [for the amended thesis submission] wait for result see whether I need to repeat or not (NO NEED!!!!) and I told my mother I am hired start working this 29th and all, then guess what? She said I grown up already so she passed me all her account thingy )(like properties, you know) then out of sudden I felt so pressure and need time to reallocate my position in my life and also my character in other people's life.

To be more precise, I have not complete my three-year-degree yet. I seriously have not prepared for society or unprotected zone, yet. On the other hand, I think environment will force myself to adapt to it, so it wasn't a matter at the end. The only thing I afraid is I scared what if I lost my dream, the life I want.

 [my new pencil case I bought at The Pet's Shop, RM 22.00]

May be I don't wanna grow that up yet, get what I mean? When I was with Kari, I feel like I can rely on him (not really actually I need to care him more =D) but at home, ALL OF THEM are like rely on me. Cause parents are old, siblings are young (may be I think too much). Did you realized I have a lot self-conversations carry on most of the time? That's me. Very good in thinking, expecting and assuming, not good! Don't learn.

Many things have to be done before I start working, like:-

  • send parcel to my sister @ US
  • bank in money for the sister @ US
  • send a list of wanted lists for sister in US to buy Coaches for the family
  • help my mother send her VIOS to service and re-do the tinted thingy (urgh...)
  • settle my Public Bank online banking thingy
  • clear all the un-presentable t-shirts in my wardrobe
  • get an iPhone 4 asap
  • buy my working attire like tops and heel
  • and I am so tired to think now,
  • oh ya, change my car's tires!! I have not change yet!! Stingy father!!! Grrrrrrrrrr...
Eh, why am I reporting all these? Ahh... never mind. Oh ya one more, blog about my Tioman Island & Singapore trip. They gonna rot soon!! >.<

I wanna sleep now. Another long day tomorrow!! <3 it.

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