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Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Uniquely Singapore Trip! [part I - play like a tourist!!]

AT 7:46 PM
After my Tioman Island trip I posted earlier here and here.

Here is my Singapore trip entreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
For the first day, I went with THEM!!!!

Desmond, the cameraman =D
wahlaoeh why you no eye bag one just realized!!

Well the first thing first impression given by Singapore were (they are few)
1. The policemen & women so pretty & handsome!!
2. The road has no LUBANG one!!!!

then further up I found out
3. Don't feel like the taxi driver will bluff me and cheat my $$
4. Effing hot
5. Food okay only
6. Branded stuffs are cheap
7. Have not think about it

And first we went Bugis!

HAHAHHA!! I don't really like Bugis. Not my type though. Yeah it's like chee qiong kai in Malaysia. Neh... Not my cup of tea.

WOAH!! My eyes so big like bug!!

I kinda like this place. Yeah one of the reason is it's air conditioned XD

To save space, they put advertisement here!! Good idea!! Which I always think why don't Malaysia do that too!

We buy like tourists.

We shop like tourists.

Take picture like tourists.


We walk like tourists.



We act like toursists FML ahhahahhahaha

Their MRT & LRT service. No need to compare with Malaysia wth.

We take LRT to Marina Bay.

that's still under heavy construction.


Yeah it is.

& we made a very wrong decision to go to Sky Park cause they have nothing we want. And it's freaking hot.

But since we've start walking & no one show the response so....

Just take picture lar....

Oh, this tree is sponsored by Malaysia.

Enter this building Tower 3 for skypark access. SGD 20 per person per entry.

Trying to figure out how to go Chinatown wtf hahahaha...

I like my expression in this photo!! I am so pretty in this HAHAHHA!!


Ignore the human

Okay, these are the places we walked while trying to find Chinatown.

Ya bit plain. Tomorrow is real fun one!!! =D Check out Part II - play like a kid tomorrow ;)

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