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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

beelee ballah

AT 9:31 PM

I just bought myself an android phone, yes, instead of iPhone cause the people at Maxis & DiGi effing lansi (Especially Maxis). So since my big sister in the States said HTC wasn't that bad (good lah) so I went for a look for the HTC. And it is superb so I get one. HAPPY!!!

& I am gonna start working two days later. So, my nervousness is slightly more than happiness >.< How now? I am a working adult soon!!! Will I able to feed myself with the salary like that? Will I? Hopefully ya~~


I wanna watch weedeos now. I went out with Kari for the whole day I am so happy HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!

♥ you~~~

Owe you guys "play like a kid" entry as mentioned here!!
Check it out tomorrow!!! No owing is allowed cause I wanna lai lai si si for my first day working!! =D

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