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Friday, October 22, 2010

Berjaya Tioman Island [Part I]

AT 12:34 PM
Finally (oh wait i need to cook for my brother first...)

Okay, I am back! Finally!! I've time for proper blogging and to edit photos upload photos. They take like daysss.

For UTARians, during our semester break, I've went to two places (to be precise it's 3 but one of it is Genting Highland so we just ignore).

The first place I went immediately after my final final exam is Tioman Island!!
We stayed overnight at friend's house at Sunway and next morning after a quick breakfast we were excited and went to the airport for registration! Btw, I just got my result slip posted by UTAR to my home stated the status: COMPLETION OF STUDY!!!! effing happy =D
Subang Airport for Berjaya Airline.

Yes!! It's my flight.

We scan our luggages.

The boarding pass.

While waiting for the flight....

I camwhore...

Like this...

And this....

Going up to the plane now...

My butt!

The view of Klang Valley!


A total of 48 seats. Every pair has window view!!

So I can has this!!

Cause it's an hour flight so we did this. Loaded some movie on pps and watched it on plane =)

and camwhore....

and camwhore...

Finally we reached!!


The Lapangan Terbang, the smallest one I've ever seen!

Waiting for the Berjaya driver to send us to Berjaya Resorts & Hotels!

Oh, this passes, we were forced to buy this wtf say it's compulsory.. mlm NAH!!!!!! But it's RM 5 each so just forget about it la sienzz..

The main entrance of Berjaya Tioman Resort!


Me queuing up for check in process.

Don't look at my pimple!!

While odw to my room I saw chocolate air-conditioner!! HAHHAHA!!

Room I staying in...

Then we  were so hungry so we walked outside the resort for cheaper local food!
The nearest one!





Back to the hotel room for rest cause everything so pack ahahhah!!

This is how the room looks like. Deluxe chalet.

Then we headed to restaurant in the resort for leisure & wi-fi.
Look at him.

Come Tioman with Bali's pant.

The wi-fi is weak here =(

But still able to watch PPS while enjoying the welcoming drink not bad!!!

Camwhore with pimples.

We ordered this pool side dish! Vegetarian pizza RM 33. NAIS! May be cause we were too hungry HAHAH!

Not only the air-conditioner, the dustbin is in brown chocolate one =D

The beach when surut.

View from our room!

This too!!

I'm taking the laptop most of the time cause I was busy searching for job that time =X

Yea a lot of sea urchin around but for the 3 days 2 nights I never see them once!!

But I saw a lot of human bbq-ing themselves! =D

Pool beside restaurant Sri Nelayan.



Look at him, again!

We did do much thing on the first day cause when we were there already noon so we just walking around and figure out how big the resort is and resting around. And it's time for the buffet dinner (EFFING NICE) at Sri Nelayan. Our breakfasts and dinners were included in the package and all served in Sri Nelayan Restaurant.



#2 My favorite of all time HAHHAHA!!





#7 Still with laptop skype-ing with siblings at home.

#8 I dapao-ed to the room for supper! =X


Back to the room watch NatGeo till 11 p.m. Love the Monster Fish series plus we were there on Island so good to watch!!

We sleep early so that we're able to be semangat for our round island snorkeling the next day!! =D (now when I am thinking back also damn happy!!)

Transferred all the photos to my laptop for more capacity for nicer photos!!!

All the photos were taken using Nikon D3000 in my Tioman Island trip!

Check out for the Part II for even nicer views and photos!!

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JLean on Oct 22, 2010, 8:11:00 PM said...

Wao, very nice trip there .. =)..

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