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Thursday, February 26, 2009


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aka, period. Some even call it as, auntie.

A lot of girls really don't like this 7 days of the month. For me, it is still okay.

Problems that I faced are:
  • The contraction of uterus is killing me. Damn pain wei!!
  • I feel like going toilet to shit the whole day cause the contraction of uterus affects my colon, too.
  • I do not have appetite for these 7 days.
  • Every night must sleep in a very careful position if not, next morning you will see blood on your bed. Then I need to wash my bed sheet. Shit. Hand-wash. ==
  • and of course sometimes we cannot predict when it comes, so, sien you need to worry this and that
  • cannot wear white OR bright pants or skirts. Else very paiseh if people see something red one "PEK" on your pant.
  • Cannot simply eat and drink e.g. no pineapple, no cold drinks. Else, the girl has no difference with death condition.
Then now, I am going to Japanese class. take some time to blog just before I go.

Ja ne~

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


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I think, it is time for me to hibernate. I mean, mentally hibernate. There is too many incidents happened that made me to have this decision.

A friend of mine told me, many people don't like me after they worked with me. Well, since I entered UTAR, I only work with a few events. May be I am not the outsider so I cannot see the hate among the other committees. To be frank, the happiest committee is actually UTAR Open Day helpers. Yu Jin, Gary, Randy, Karen Kan and loads more. We worked for two days and we get paid RM4.50 per hour. Most important thing is friends are fun. It was really fun.

Unlike what I am doing now, all are like charity. We do it for papers (i.e. certificates, testimonials etc). I am definitely going to learn a lot. I know that. I have not much time left. 4 more months to go then I retired. Fantastic. Wondering how will I be that time. No events, no booth, no helpers, no shouting... oh yA!! NO MORE MEETiNgS!! Since last May, University's cafeteria is like my third house. I contribute my life there. I campaign there, I gave my speech there, I promote there, I recruit members there, the first time he saw me was there (haha so sweet...), everything is there. Memorable place wtf =.=

I have become very lazy after my foundation, or to be precise, after I failed to maintain my weight haha!! I gained 4kg if compared to foundation time.

I realised I rely on people a lot. I realised that I tend to take my friends for granted, sometimes. I realised that I am lazy. I realised that I have no more discipline to myself. I realised I have no more independent. I realised that I lost my rational. I sometimes even realised, I lost myself. And sometimes, I lost my confidence. How can it happened?

I personally think I am too multi-tasked and I cannot focus on what I am doing. Well, in this semester, it is obviously I focus more on my studies. Henceforth, um hmm... Bit blank when come to activity time. Do not compare with my last semester cause it was nonsense. Last semester should NOT be happened. It was my Zaman Kejahilan. It is time for my Zaman Revolutions then Renaissance.

But, now it is time for me to sleep cause tomorrow I have an important test. I need to wake up earlier and study.

p.s. Lim Kah Yee please come back. We need you.
p.p.s. I am going to wear Kimono to UTAR BALL.

Monday, February 23, 2009


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Yesterday, rain non-stop in Kampar. My heart is complaikated(fyi, that is how my microbiology lecturer pronounce it). Is that one of the PMS? I do not know. I know I am congested and crowded and packed and highly supersaturated and I've seen a lot of changes applied on me/my surroundings. Grr... I know I have to cope with that.

And Ivan, I do not know what happened. This thing that you gave me, my first ever necklace was broken this morning when I was awake. I do not know whether my boyfriend(if I have one OR guys who admire me)broke it when I was sleeping. Sorry. T.T I feel so sad.

p.s. I think I am going to buy one for myself, instead of waiting someone to buy me another necklace.
p.p.s. guys outside, don't always think a lot guys bought me thing, in fact, there is none, so, do not hesitate if you have the intention to get me something, something good. ;)

Kylie L.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

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My emotion has a huge fluctuation these days. Hopefully it has comes to an end.

Even though it is challenging. Changes are killing. Take my words.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


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1000 apologies from me, to you.

I do not have any intention to hurt you from the beginning.

All what I can do is non-stop apologising.

I wish you can kill me to release your dissatisfaction.

I know you hate me a lot at this moment.

Please hate me if it lets you feel better.

Kah Yee

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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Press it for a better view.

Dear all,

The photo I got it from a known source, it was not taken/screenshoted by me.
It is just an information that I do not know whether or not it is true. I post it for the sake of post it. Not to tease any party or any individual.

Thank you.

Lim Kah Yee, Kylie
Owner/author for this blog
and the one who posted this entry.

Monday, February 16, 2009


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I wake up I sweat a lot due to Kampar's weather is too warm lately.

I feel hungry every time I wake up. I don't know why. I eat too less of food? Or my body metabolism is running faster than usual? But, there is a thing that remain, which is, my weight. I starve most of the time, sick etc. The weight is still the same. This tells me I could not get any slimmer no matter what happen.

Many of you said my previous entry is confusing. Yes, people, it is confusing. In fact, that is my feeling when I was typing the entry. I p.p.s. written I don't have a boyfriend, is real thing. The actor in the entry is only a person that I think I have commitment with him.

Today's microbiology test was okay. My head feel dizzy the whole day, it is supersaturated with notes already. Again, I feel darn hungry now.

I did a lot in managing normal Homo sapiens but not a guy that I have commitment with. I was really nervous cause it's the very first time of experience. There was a Pre-test for that. I let the guy goes with what he wants to do, give him almost 100% of freedom etc. The test has no results due to the specimen he gave up. So, fine.

One year later, I have found another specimen that I can committed with. And, he is willing to be the specimen. Thus, here it goes.

Dammit I am hungrY!!

I started my experiment titled: the way to manage a guy I have commitment with.
Objective: is to gain experience of handling this sort of Homo sapiens PRACTICALLY
is to brush up my managing people's skills

Introduction: This experiment started in last June if I am not mistaken.

Material(s): me and him

It was not good. A lot questions and troubles have not been foresee.

Trouble: He tends to focus on his thing more OR I focus too much on him.
This is already the maximum of everything.
He has too much problem to solve and I have to solve for him??

Troubleshooting: I keep myself a distance with him so that he gets his own sweet time to do his thing and crazy with his friends.

* This is more than enough okay I sacrificed a lot already.

In the process of it, I feel the good of keeping a distance. It is really not bad.

Result and analysis:
Experiment still in progress.

So far, I really prefer managing bunch of people that I have no commitment with, rather than an individual of him.

Never treat your boy too good.

  1. Kylie L. 2009, I.don', KahYee's Realm Retrieved February 16, 2009 from:

Saturday, February 14, 2009


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This is the worst Valentine's day (hopefully) I have went through.


I almostor already break up with my boyfriend. I don't know. It is either. Why?

First thing, he said he is going to accompany me for whole day of Valentine's day. And he late for 3hours because of assignments. I understand that. We met at 3am. I was sick. Freaking sick and I felt so hot my body so warm so I slept on floor. He slept on my bed. Fine for that.

I woke up at 9am stared at him sleeping. He woke up at 12pm. I don't know what to do. I cannot wake him up cause he told me he is tired. Very tired. (I'm sick. Very sick.)

I went to his house. He cooked rice. I asked him whether he cooks for me also. He did not answer me. Fine. He bathed. I read my notes while waiting for him. I got a phone call from my friend. Asking me out for lunch. I said okay cause he did not answer my question. After he finished bathing, I heard his friends asked him to get back his bicycle from Uni. After I heard, means he is going to leave me and go Uni bring his bicycle back. I straight away tu lan him. I am not getting tu lan that easy. Another thing is,

His housemate, a girl. Received a postlaju delivery from her boyfriend. Sending her a big big bear and one keyboard as Valentine's present. I, received nothing. Nothing but the shitty face. He said it loudly those presents are not realistic. Not necessary thing. The housemate said ya, unlike someone give nothing to me. I heard that. I was in his room. Don't know what response to do. I wore on the cap, pretend nothing happened but my tears were dropping. In fact, he told me a week before, he is not going to get me anything for Valentine's day, to save money. I believe a lot of girls will wanna screw this guy when he said that. What is that? Present not necessarily need to spend money!! My facial expression changed. He emo. End up, I need to console him by saying, never mind, I do not need those present. What is that?

Ok, back to topic. I told him I am going out with my friends. He drove me to my friends with one kinda face, which is freaking irritating when I see that cause I don't know why is he not happy. I asked him to call me when he done with his thing. He told me he has nothing to do. Then, I said I'll call him when I am done.

When I was finishing, I text him. He replied with darn tu lan ascent by saying he is eating WHITE RICE ONLY cause no one cooks for him. I replied and said ok I'll go find him and cook for him. He did not reply my message.

When I was half way walking to his house. My shoe's strap broken. I cannot walk. I called him. He told me he is cooking and his car is not with him so I said never mind, I'll find my own way back to home. He straight away hung up. I hate that phone hanging sound. It's sux. Really sux.

Fine. I almost end up walking back home. Luckily, my friend has bicycle let me cycle back. My boyfriend asked his friend to pick me up. His friend called. I said never mind, I am on my way already.

When I reach my friend's house. The more I think the more tu lan I am. I don't know which part of me did mistake.

I text him "I wanna break up with you". I forgot what he replied. And I don't wanna remember that. I am super sad.

This guy, I do not want to comment much on him. I only want to know which part I did it wrongly. He treats me like this. I don't know.

Happy Valentine's Day.

p.s. I always think I deserve a better ones.

p.p.s. I do not have a boyfriend. BD

Friday, February 13, 2009

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busy. pretty busy.

In the coming week, please take note. Is coming week only, which is, 16th February to 20th February, I have

  1. Microbiology Test1 on Monday, need to attend the Opening Ceremony for an event. So, I need to ciao half way from class XD ponteng ponteng!!
  2. Physiology Test1 on Tuesday, and also Microbiology Lab Report wuhoo~~ sy0k!
  3. Biochemistry Test1 on Wednesday, with the due of Principle of Biotechnology Report. At night, I need to attend SRC meeting. yeah~~
  4. Thursday I need to witness the car stickers balloting for the good system of UTAR. FINALLY, they have decided to do this (increase the number of car stickers). As what I can see now, there are a lot of empty car parks and the organization said it is reserve for the coming intake's student. ATTN: coming intake is 14weeks later. Smart right UTAR? XD I would never thought of this good idea of reservation le!!!
  5. plus minus for Famine12 on 22nd of Feb (MY BRO's BDAY!!!!! He is 12 already he can get his IC!!!!!!) Kampar waterfall trip which I don't think I can make it cause...cause... T.T See ah, Saturday is waterfall trip, Sunday is a trip to Orang Asli's kampong, which I need to go through half an hour on bumping road. That is not the main point. Thing is, I need to sit inside a truck. The special characteristic of truck is, it will multiply the speed, frequency and also the momentom of the bumpy roads and the consequence is, people will jump and/or shake higher and faster. =.="'
I really really scared my hormone will get confuse of the mess of my biological system clock and disturb my menstruation cycle and suddenly I tell my dad:" Pa, I've got a baby." SIAO!! wake up wake up!!

On top of everything above, I am a sick person now. The wantan that I have made I think can bring me a presentable amount of income already. oh yeah~~

Gosh I am hungry, again. Was keeping my room. I keep it for manytimes per week. Just feel like keeping it clean. But is kinda wasting time cause 3tests are coming. Burh~~ Sleep first lar..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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Sunday, February 8, 2009


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Of course, I am not the one.

It seems like so hard and yet so easy to be the featured blogger of Nuffnang.

I have went to Nuffnang homepage and get to know this month's featured blogger is also a UTAR students. Hey!! I am a UTAR students too!! I am the student representative some more!! But then.... Zzzzdd..

Now, I am wondering why Nuffnang do not choose me.

  1. I do not have pretty face.
  2. I do not have evil's hot HOT body shape with a cup of D or E or more than that.
  3. I am not sexy.
  4. I do not go to club.
  5. I do not have curfew.
  6. I am not a normal student.
  7. Statistic of my blog is rather low low low.
  8. I do not camwhore as how those featured blogger did.
  9. I do not have a unique theme for my blog.
  10. I am in Malaysia but not UK, US or some other overseas countries.
In short, my life is boring thus will not be a featured blogger in my entire life. Sob. Okay I am very tired after going up to Genting Highlands aka lung cancer highland said by Pearly Yuen.

All around is the inconsiderate smokers which immediately pull down the grade and standard of GEnting Highlands. Gee.

Good night.

Tomorrow, I'll start busy again until I cannot breathe. Arghhhh~~~ sob.

p.s. Nuffnang please choose me as featured blog when you think I can be. Thank you.

Friday, February 6, 2009,then.i.happy.

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See my title? That is crap. No such thing in the world. Do not believe in that.

Believe in love, but, believe in loving yourself. No one loves you more than yourself. Trust me.

At this moment. I have No.1 - No.10 in my to-do-list and I have to finish everything before dawn tomorrow. Give me some support please. Thank you thank you.

Assignments, tutorial questions, presentations, study all for test next week.

At the same time, I have to take care of one, two, three, four, five parties and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight events.

I need to satisfy one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelft (gosh I forgot how to spell twelve, ok t-w-e-l-v-e!!), thirteen, fourteen, fifteen ...... Numerous of them.

These people, they are supporting behind me, and yet, they are NOT satisfy with me. I do not know what they want. What do you want? I am just a Homo sapiens and a normal ones. I have nothing special. I do the best for my life. I make sure everything goes perfect. I am a perfectionist. Anyone knows about it? I am a multitasker. I can do loads stuffs at the same time, and I wanna be that. I wanna challenge myself.

Some people, they don't like you from the beginning, they won't like you for God's sake. They will never like you. They will always find something to object you, go against you etc. Some people, no matter how many mistake they did, people will never remember. For some others, even they did ONE mistake, they being blamed for whole life. Do you know what to do to make people won't remember the silly thing you have made? I tell you, by acting c-u-t-e, n-e-u-t-r-a-l, and s-m-i-l-e-s. Trust me. This is the thing I gained in this one year and 2 months. "People likes only the other who's same species as them." - Lim Kah Yee, normal Homo sapiens.

In my position, I am facing that amount of parties, hence, I need to act difference kinda face when I see difference of them. My planner is almost full everyday.

Well, you guys might think I am the one who asked for all that, BUT!!! I have the intention to resign some positions, do not want to accept certain activities, let more students have the chance to approach more and experience more in their Uni life etc.

I have my purpose behind all this. However, not all of them see it from this perspective.

I know I cannot satisfy everyone since I was born 19 years and 6months ago. Still I am doing my best for it. I know I can do it. One day, everyone will keep the slogan "everybody-loves-kahyee" in their mouth. They will teach their offspring to learn this slogan. Wuhoo~~ I'll be even more famous than Mr. Barack. xoxo~~ =.="'

Right here, right now, I wanna love the people I love, I wanna kiss the people I wish to kiss, I wanna bite the people I wish to bite, screw the people that pissed me off. Ya right I won't do that cause I don't know why I just cannot do that.

I am human too! Remember that everyone of you! Thank you!! Huuoo...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


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See my tired face? Wahaha.. Why am I so tired? I think I am not strong enough. I need to improve myself. HOW CAN I FORGET I HAVE THAT MEETING!!! HOW CAN I!!!!???

Gosh, I cannot forgive myself for forgetting the meeting. I should not have done that. Gosh.

What happened? Time arrangement problem? Probably. Somebody save me..............

And everyday, I injured myself. Accidentaly injured myself. Cut here and there. Finger, toe, leg, knee etc. HAHA! Back to year 2007. I cut myself almost everyday. Not so exaggerating lar. Everytime the injured part is healed, I got cut again. wuhoo~~ Very interesting you know or not?? Crazy.

I am going to sleep now.

Monday, February 2, 2009, AGAIN.

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This is all what I can present thorough my Chinese New Year holiday.

I went to visit 11 houses with 25 high school friends in one day from 10am to 12am. It is not for the ang pow purpose. It is because I know them for so long, some of them never been to my house and I never been to theirs. Hmm!!

It's raining. So nice to sleep. Unfortunately I am having meeting later. Oh crap. I have no time to blog. My schedule is really very pack. How many tasks waiting for me in a day. Can I clon another myself to help me accomplish some tasks? hahaha~~

Reportssssss; presentation; assignment; tests; SRC; and nonetheless, crap that given by crabs. They walked horizontally in everywhere.

Celine Dion's concert is superb. Is bravo.

Recently, I want to read a lot of books. However, there is a limitation in time because I have whole stack of notes waiting for me to read them. And I love the first person I admire. Seriously.

I don't know why I keep buying this kinda book for myself. My heart needs it perhaps. Now, Kampar is raining. My parents is preparing to pray for Day-9 of CNY tonight. I don't want to go back in any soon. Why? To avoid unnessary tears.

Gosh, I have meeting at 830pm and now already 800pm and someone is using the bathroom for so long I haven't bath and it is raining like no tomorrow.

p.s. I am emo.

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