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Sunday, January 31, 2010

the no plan day...

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Yup, it is dull. The whole Saturday I was what? I was doing the tutorial and the report.
When I was typing this entry I feel I am so not productive cause for the whole half day means 10 hours I cannot finish the both things I mentioned.
May be it is just a starting la cause that was the first report duh. T________T


So, after I half done the report and went for dinner. Suddenly Kari received a call from his buddy, Seang asked whether we wanna go Ipoh so since I got no mood for report dee so yes I agreed so I went. And the most important thing is I break my own record. I finished washing my hair in 3 minutes I guess. And this hair style is the longest hair length I ever had =X

After waiting for car parking for almost an hour......

After shopped for almost 2 and a half hours....... until Seang almost being locked in Giordano outlet cause he went in until almost eleven only come out LOL!!

After waited to reach the exit of Jusco Kinta City for almost an hour.......

Four of us dropped by at McD Gopeng for a rest at 1200am =X A rest?
That is not for me. It's for us.
And after 20 years and 5 months only I know the most congested time for McD is at 1200am what turf @@!!

This is Josephny and Seang.

This is some random people posing some cool act and trying to be handsome. eleh....

This iz I!

This is the half price Sundae!!


The phat French fries that take 5 years to be digested in your stomach. BEWARE!!!!

The happy+blur+tiring me =)) ♥♥♥

Some aliens desperate-ing for prosperity burgers =O =X

And for the whole night this is what I spent. I never thought I'd buy something and that ends up I spent RM119 on this pair of cute thing.
Nice ma? I like it so much. I fell in love with her from the first eye sight =X REALLY!! =X
It's purple-ish pink!! +X

And also this bottle of RM18 spring water =X

Some random photos that you might spot something un-revealable =X






#6 I like this shot a lot =)



#9 This is what I am going to give my brother on his 13th Bday on 22/2 =))))
There is a HUGE secret behind this wrist band HAHAHHAHAHA!!

Time to sleep buibui.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

my Valentine's day in advance.

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Well well well... The story line went like this...

Yesterday after my class, I was waiting for Kari to fetch me cause he borrowed my car to flirt around =) Then we went for lunch then I dropped him at his friend's house to flirt again, apparently.

Then I reached home then I switched on my room light and the room looked bit different cause it is much more tidy than when I went out for class.

Then I looked at my table and I saw this...

I was like what the hell!? Then I wanted to call him but he already sent me a "surprise" message and I then replied HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

When I saw this I lagi cannot tahan lol he is so creative. I mean, "creative" in the sense that I don't know how to describe.

It's the ADIDAS thermo-DESIGN bottle XD not a thermo bottle LOL!!
He gives me this because he lost the one I gave him LOL!!! I guess so =O

I still don't know why he choose 29.01.10 (Friday).
Can anybody tell me why?


Alright, these are some random photos in my phone memory loooooooooooong time ago. I have neglected them since I have a camera dee so I totally forgot my hp still can capture photo =X
This is the one my brother took it when I was observing people put tar on the road.

Carl's Jr. when I was with Kari and we went there for lunch which is very loooooooong time ago thing. He loves CJ so much. May be more than me also XD

random #1

The yam taste of CNY biscuits. I bought it is merely due to the purple in color of it =))

Took it on 1st of Jan @ Genting Highland with them ♥♥♥♥

Did something on my car tyres on the day I wanted to go back Kampar. It's 17th Jan =)

It's me accidentally cut my hand and it's actually no bleed but it's a good excuse for me to use this cute handyplaster AH........ HAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!

Ok, that is all. I am still hesitating whether to go Ipoh since 8am just now until now 10.23 am.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Video with Kenny Sia.

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This is a video I recorded during the HP event @ Rootz, Lot 10.

I couldn't really recognize him when I saw him in real person cause he looks wider =p

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dutamas Is The New Sri Hartamas

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Hi, this entry is again brought to you by PropWall.

Chinese New Year is around the corner and may be some people would like to buy some properties or estates to themselves as a present or so as a good starting point of the year, there is a new place with a brand new luxury look that has exist in Malaysia, just so you know.

Apparently, the new Sri Hartamas of this century is Dutamas!!!! There are at least 18 properties in Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur. If I am a working adult now, I will definitely buy some properties at Dutamas and I will tell you the reason as you scroll down.

There are few places of Dutamas that I'd like to introduce you specifically.

aka Solaris @ Dutamas.
Reason #1: It is so near to the KL centre and it is so so so so so near until I do not need to get a car in jam for 2 hours to get back home.
Like this.

2 and a half and three-storey terrace houses.
Reason #2: the houses are big enough to accommodate my fat her, mother, me, two sisters and their boyfriends, and my brother and his girlfriend =)

aka Sutramas Luxury Condominiums by See Hoy Chan group.
Reason #3: Do not have to pay so much for owning a house with swimming pool, badminton court, tennis court and gymnasium WOOT**

Reason #4: it's cool XD It is accessible via several highways and it is good to me because I am always go and return to outstation through these several highways like DUKE, NKVE and Penchala Link.

Reason #5: The coolest. It's a freehold semi-D and bungalow development. I can have the very own party in my very own semi-D with my whole bunch of friends and having fun and there is no restriction of time!!!! Since my house so big and I won't disturb the neighbours!!


Click here to find out more properties located at Dutamas!
Please visit PropWall official website to discover more Malaysia property and Real Estate!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

I is not happy.

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I cannot believe it we can only meet for merely one hour per day. And we're so near. No more physical distance problem. In fact all is just a lie. Distance is always a problem. And also, busy.

I don't know. I should have expect that. I mean, ya. No one knows when I am crying. And I am not going to cry. You love me deeply in your heart. I cannot feel it cause it's abstract. This is mainly due to difference courses problem or what I don't know. I saw people doing it well. But not us.

I always PPS so that I can spend my time that I previously reserved for you. I never know meeting you is so hard. I know you did your very best already. May be I am just too greedy to ask for two hours from you. I don't know. Yes I am greedy.

I don't have someone to talk to. I can only keep everything in my own guts and swallow everything like I swallow my tears.

I always thought we should finish our study things during day time. I mean, from 9 to 7 I thought it is enough. But it wasn't. I tried hard to finish my things within the time so that our time is reserved. But, it wasn't. I don't know what to say.

One and half hour for ball and one hour for me. May be I am greedy.

You may ask me to find my friends. But I am staying with my friends for at least 8 hours per day.

At the end, I am still alone.

I is really not happy.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

it's strawberries....

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It is very early 7 in the morning. I was being kacau-ed up at 0600. And yes it is a strawberries day cause I was heading to Highland de Cameron.

Had my breakfast at Old Town, Kampar.
A piece of roti telur.


Then, someone drove.


Reached the BOH Farm
and had the egg sandwich that cost RM5.00 with a cup of Jasmine Green tea. Yes I had Jasmine because I was thinking of Yong Jian. I admit it kay.

Oh and I went Cameron with all the accounting students. Cause biotech students dong like Cameron XD XD XD since we deal with plants for the entire last semester =X

On top of the BOH mountain,
There were a lot this kinda thing thing can be seen.

Iz me. I wasn't feeling well after I climbed to the top of the mountain. Ya cause I was not feeling well la in short. Almost puke there and leave an unforgettable memory there FML.

See I really wasn't feeling well that is why very little photos and a lot ugly photos.

Kari found this the butterflies bersetubuh-ing.

And we thought these spider webs are interesting LOL!

Finally you see something colorful HAHA!

It is some berries but I dare not try it cause I am chicken =O

With this tree again LOL!!

This is the favorite shoot of the day.

Emo #1

wuHOO the phat me!!

Do you know what's the focus of this photo?

It is the three-leaves-plant.


I walked this distance and almost puke. Weak me.

I love this photo so this is favorite #2 XD XD

iz me..

iz me, again.

You will see this when you're on the way up to BOH farm.

Iz not me =p

I culik-ed this flower horn again. Last time was white. Now is pink.

iz me, again, again.

Some indications of some famous locations #1

Some indications of some famous locations #2

The fishes at the famous temple.

Fav shoot #3

Outside of the temple.

Then we went for steamboat at a random shop.

The phone non-stop ringing is really annoying.


Apparently it's the cactus.

and more cactus,

and more cactus XD

Some deco at the place. Dong know what's the place name already.

TOP1 fav photo FHL
"Hi, do you want some butt head juice?"

Vege #1

Vege #2

Some random people XD

The strawberry waffle ♥♥♥♥

The half strawberry cheese cake ♥♥

The strawberry pancake ♥♥♥

The fresh strawberries chocolate @ Raju's ♥♥♥♥♥


And I bought this pot of Chrysanthemum for my FYP purposes.

We went back at this timing. Which is 12 hours after 7am.

Iz me while waiting some people went peepee.

Had a real fun day with them =))


Iz me in my car waiting for Indo Mee double as dinner. Cause someone stole my roti T___T

Kay, it's Monday tomorrow and I am kinda lazy to back to Uni. And I am glad that I have the car stickers cause it is something like I kena lottery but I have to pay when I kena this lottery. It's so wtf. Many people beg to pay for the car stickers. I hate the management. Just dong like.

Mama, I dong like.

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