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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the Final Year Student.

AT 7:18 AM
It's good to be abstract...

Thanks to Clement for this cactus. Tsayhelu~

And Clement loves to shout TZIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then runaway and that is quite irritating cause I don't want Tzia thought I am the one who shout. So please la kay Clement LOL!

It's my study desk so ya I am kinda berjaya in cheating people cause it really looks like I am those study type wan =O

My bed, still a lot of things on it LOL!! Pro!

Soon, this black thingy will be filled up with the pink thingy and that indicates I am very busy thingy.

In fact, I am quite busy since the first day of study cause FYP is started today hence I wake up at 721am to type this entry. FYP started at 830am. WOOT** Clement, Jing Jing, Angie they all so good cause FYP only for one week which is the semester break what turf I am so jealous lo really T___T

And good luck to me. The dust has been there for centuries and still I don't feel like wiping it off. Why? Cause I am cool =P

My room #2

My room #3

This is the FYP instructions. So, for the whole semester I will be blindly following on this single paper and all is because I need to .....

Prepare this thick of thesis in order to get myself graduate T___T

Ok buibui. Time for FYP.

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