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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A date with Dentist.

AT 8:02 PM
This morning I met the dentist that plug out most of my teeth when I was a kid.

It has been 2 and half years since the last time I visited the dentist.

I was thought of merely to check my teeth or may be scaling. And ya I did the scaling at the end that cost RM55 and I told the doctor I felt the existence of wisdom teeth already.

He suggested me to take an X-ray then I took it cause I am almost 21 and no wisdom teeth were out yet so I took the X-ray.

This is the result. Did you realize something??

Both my wisdom teeth at down part were fully developed but both were stuck too teeth langgar teeth situation and then so sad they won't be appearing and see the world by themselves T_____T

And this kinda case is risky also cause next time if really there is cavity at that area that I am dead cause need to have operation T____T and the pain will last for one week T___________T

why such thing happen to me, again T__________T

And my gum recession was quite serious cause of plaque formation. I thought I take care of them very well T____T

Today onwards I am going to take extra cares on my teeth and oral hygiene omg T__T

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