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Sunday, January 17, 2010

iz me!!!

AT 11:38 PM
To all my blog readers,

Welcome back!!! It has been a looooooooooong time I know. Most of us are having three months break and have no internet connection at home hence you guys lost for quite sometimes. But still I tried to maintain my statistics so that the statistics do not look that pathetic.

Anyways, just in case anyone of you missed something a lil' more interesting in the past three months, below are the links for them.


The October's. In October, I did a small operation on my big intestine. And, you will know how's it by reading the entries. And, I went to 2012 premiere screening courtesy of Nuffnang! Then, I was being invited by Xpax and Nuffnang to the Xpax Blackberry event @ Republic Sunway Pyramid. My life working for Sensodyne, 4D MAGNUM (wtfart) and much much more. All just by one click.


The November's. Shopping Sprees, celebration and contest entries are here!!


The December's. It's about my preparation to University, and um, my job as breatheright promoters, shopping sprees again and the new bought camera, food enjoyed, meeting with KennySia @ HP lauching event at Rootz Lot 10 courtesy of Nuffnang. Berry interesting ;)

Alright, that is all I need to sleep now. My timetable for tomorrow is from 9am to 7pm, bless me.


Thanks for supporting and remembering me =))

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