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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I ah...

AT 7:06 PM
I loaded my photos since 12pm until 7.30pm only I finished everything. It is not because of the connection, but because of I am toooooooo busy. =(

Kacao-ed by Kathy Lim at 7am cause she sms-ed me.

Then went to fetch students. My 12 years old, 174cm 73kg brother forgot to bring his Buku Nota so I and Kathy Lim went to Kwang Hua just to bring him Buku Nota. =((

Anyways, finally I have time to blog properly.


I went KimGary with
My brother. This is Z.

Oh iz meee!!!

ME AGAIN!!! just playing with the camera so forgive me.

My mother.

Lim Kah Sin.

Too many food I eat till want puke =O

Ouh my mother, again =))
That's all for KimGary nothing special about the food cause a lot people been there dee. Right?


Then I forgot when already just yesterday or what. I don't wanna remember cause it's a very bad memory. I went to
This place for my survey job. I was supposed to interview two persons in three hours time. The first one Mandarin 4 to 5 was done. Then 5 to 6 is Malay session then the respondent late for almost an hour. Then the interviewer I don't know how she did it. The 20th minute question she use 60 minutes to ask. Does Malay language need longer time to ask?

Anyways, I went back by the time I should finish my interview. So, I did not make it for the 2nd interview, which is English language wan.

This is the interview place.

And this is what I did while I am waiting..






and waiting....

waste my time only sial. But they are paying me full also at the end cause it was not my fault. Damn celaka.

Worst is....
When I was on my way back, I have to go through hours of JAM!!!
Screwed. T______T


Alright, now, since I am going back Kampar this Sunday, so I started to buy things that I need, and I do not need dee XD XD XD


The garments =)))

The multipurpose towels!!

The various types of sanitary pads and panty liner!
Um, I am not sure whether I am using that much but anyways, you know, different days need different type of pads =)) You know... Well, This is quite interesting can click and read XD

The toilet papers. Berry useful and convenient!
Should be enough for my one long semester haha!!

The fabric was liquid and the Vanish!!

Tigerplast I am not sure whether it is useful but just bought it. Cause it is cute. And Dental floss for my teeth. Damn regret I was so lazy to use it before did the scaling after a date with dentist. I got quite severe gum recession T____T

And this biscuit is berry convenient. If I wake up late I just need to grab one pack of this and makan crunch crunch crunch in the lecture.. Nom nom nom~~

Korean instant noodle. Big portion and a lot tastier than local ones. I get hungry easily. So when Kari is too busy with his life and I am too hungry I will cook myself this with plenty of veges!! muah~~ But normally Kari won't let me hungry cause he cares about me nenebubu Xp

The curtain. It is sou sou sou important cause I dongwan let people see what I am doing in my room like when I am masturbationing sleeping or changing or some other things la.

The stationary. To see what I bought, click here. And kinda think of it, I think my FYP is half dead already FML. How ah?

And when I am off to Kampar, I think I am going to miss my
very loooooooooooooooooong punye home T_____T

And my very own toilet T_____T


Ouh this image is just to show you or telling you or whatsoever I am improving my photo capturing skills =)) Because I found the importance of capturing a good photo when I was FUN Taiwan hosted by Janet Hsieh interviewing a berry famous photographer.

6 beep(s) to KahYee:

shengfatt on Jan 13, 2010, 8:29:00 PM said...

haha..i also wan to improve my photography skill...
nanged u. Nang this to see nuffnangers featured in the Star…. tq

Anonymous said...

OMG, Good Morning towel!!!! I miss seeing those so much, hahaha.. I love them, so "multi-purpose".

So many sanitary pads O_o do they not sell those to where you're going? Almost seems like you are going to the desert... lol.

LimKahYee, Kylie on Jan 22, 2010, 9:17:00 PM said...

meninmenstruation, yes I have numerous of sanitary pads with me in my room. It can be few years supply ad.. I also duno why I keep buying pads T___T always think I have not enuf pads T__T

Anonymous said...

Wow... I can't choose my username, lol, the name looks so stupid -_-"


LOL, it is not like you live in the middle of nowhere :P You can just go out and buy some, haha.. but I get what you mean, if you find some good ones, always worth stocking up, especially if it is on-sale XD haha.

If you live in a desert or something, you may need a year supply, lol. Probably half your room is filled with napkins :D

LimKahYee, Kylie on Jan 23, 2010, 7:20:00 PM said...

HAHAH!! ya stock it up when find something good. cause when you really wanna get it that time, it is hard to be found LOL!!

Anonymous said...

At least you know that you could probably have open-heart surgery in your room and have enough napkins available to clean up the blood - LOL! You have like a miniature hospital in your room XD

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