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Friday, December 25, 2009

the reopen of that thing....

AT 8:19 PM
EXACTLY!!! Been shopping with the siblings for their CNY tees. This is one of the example. It looks nice, unique, plus cheap. I mean the Tee. Not the model. 3 for Rm50 not cheap meh you tell me? One for RM16.6666667 XD [All the tee in this entry is from the Brand Outlet that is next to Padini Concept Store]


Oh, and guess what is the thing thing reopening? IT'S THE SCHOOLS!!! That is why many babies now struggling cause they have to get their baggie on very very soon.

As for me, even though the classes start on 18th Jan, but I already cannot wait to buy the stationary. I feel I am an excellent professional top student every I shop for stationary. The last time I shop for stationary was in Foundation three years ago. That is why my results were dropping all the while now, I suppose!
The pens. Colorful pens.

This, is a very important essential thing in my pencil case. It noted down every single damn thing in the lectures or tutorial. Or just to scrabble =)) and IT'S PURPLE

This mouse pad for rm3.90 because I foresee the desk in my Kampar room cannot work very well with my mouse. Ops.. I mean, the mouse cannot work well with the desk in my Kampar room heee...

And this file holder. I don't know whether I am using it but I just buy it because I wanna let people feel I am good in study wan.

The ring file.

And, the ring file.

[All the stationary is from POPULAR Book Store]

And apart from stationary and accompany the siblings to shop, I bought one tee also =))

It's written

And this, to put on my chair because I encounter back pain problem after sitting on chair for hours. T___T I am old dee.
RM 6.60 from Jusco.

And as you know Kathy Lim is soon flying to the States, she has to get herself some Winter garments that is so not cheap. After visiting Winter Time and Universal Traveller. No doubt that UT's service is a lot a lot a lot a lot better, and cheaper.
Thumbs up for Universal Traveller!!! My high school friend Yong Jian that soon flying to Germany also bought his one from UT. I just attended his farewell party today. It was a bit disappointing. Will blog about it soon.

Back to me!!
So, I get myself this jacket also. Because for lord's reasons, the lecture hall in Kampar is freezing cold. I believe the temperature is around 8 degree Celsius because sometimes when I exhale, got smoke one LOL!!! This is RM111 after discount.

Get this scarf too because I love scarf. My Kathy Lim was cursing me for that because I am in Malaysia she thought I do not need it.

It's lunch time in VIVO. Vivo food was unexpectedly well. Especially the baked rice. Even Kari likes it. Ya, again good things are from JB according to Kari =__=

Oh and lastly my second sister LIM KAH SIN, her Chinese name is exactly the same as Karena Lam the actress XD
The left is emo her because, ya that is the look after she has got her PMR result. The right ones is she is berry happy because she is playing all the FB games that rotten her for the whole holiday. =X

p.s. I am going to work for BreatheRight these weekend in Watson, AEON Bukit Tinggi. Check out there if you are free!! I am giving out free sample ya ;)

2 beep(s) to KahYee:

Anonymous said...

I Love Go to Brand Outlet also. The quality of the clothing there also not lose to other branded fitting. hee hee hee

LimKahYee, Kylie on Dec 25, 2009, 10:26:00 PM said...

yeah.. that is what my sister told me only then I realised ha!

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