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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my life as a PROMOTER.

AT 4:23 PM
The previous weekend, the 26th and 27th, I am working for g2 again, for GSK product, BreatheRight. My entry here told you the detail abut BreatheRight. I thought it would be the last time for me to work as promoter. But, luckily not, I have another chance of working!!! wuhoo~~ Selling pineapple. Don't ask me why and what is it. Cause I really really dongno.

Back to the title of this entry, my life as a promoter. It is quite interesting though. Please read =))

First and foremost, the attire of the job. Like once, I wore spaghetti strap tube while working for Magnum outlet.
Ya, as you can see. I just did it. For much more interesting grandmother story about how the AHBOY gimme his phone number, click here.

But normally, they will just give you something normal representing them like...

All the top and must be together with your own black slacks and black covered shoe la.

And for their product, some booth, tray and mobile booth will do.


Second thing, your beloved partner.

If you get some like Kok Yee as partner, it is great =DD

Basically we can categorize them into two category.
First, normal human type. This type of partner, will reach 12pm sharp and we can talk during work time and yet we can still sold 158 toothpastes in 9 hours. They are good. We get closer and closer and be friend. We jaga each other, we can snake a bit together. Prepare to go back home at 8.45pm, ya something like that. Which is good.

Second type, is CB type. Where, they will be like control freak and thought they are full with experiences already wan and try to be manager like that to order you this and that. Damn CB. Everything must follow laws and rules one. Cannot wear jacket to work even though you feel cold. That is the first time I heard from my ex-partner. Damn CB. Some more said what worked for one year already. Really FHL. When I was having severe period pain then this partner will ask me to be more aggressive one. FML. And partner like this will set a target, which is sell all the items in the store in the nine hours. Give pressure to each others etc etc blah crap. Damn stress working with this type of partner. Ya, I am complaining my ex partner here. So what. Just don't like her. Both sama sama degree student she some more three years older than me.

Third criteria VENUE!! Well, from my experience, working in Guardian Watson those pharmacies is the best of best dee.. Following by AEON (JUSCO), Tesco and Giant. In pharmacies, the cashier there will treat you like friends and everyone is friend. No manager will say your booth is annoying and blocking people's way. For AEON, their manager will bising bit cause they are quite strict in the sense of security and cleanliness. But their staff washrooms are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Tesco and Giant. In AEON also you get to eat a lot of free food if you be friend with promoter selling food XD XD Tesco's toilet a lot toilet bowl pecah dee wan T___T but the guards are okay. For Giant, if you go toilet for few more times due to the malfunction of your kidney or urinary system, the guard that the salary is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay much lower than you will scold you and guard in GIANT loves to molest people wan. According to my friend cause I never work with GIANT before. Like Doraemon cartoon series, GIANT is a bully and they always bully Nobita (promoter like me).

Fourth, is of course the payment!!!!!! Damn important kay. For some PR company, due to the client's fault, the payment will only be made after TWO MONTHS. It takes freaking long time. But it is good in away, I have money to spend in the future =DD

Alright, it is a bit long and luosuo for this entry. But for you who going to be or want to be promoter, this entry is a very good advice la. Buibui and good luck!!

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