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Sunday, December 6, 2009

the Routine.

AT 10:34 AM
Sorry for the ffk of update cause I was supposed to update two days ago. I have two reasons. 1. There was a sudden change hence I am now in Klang already. I was supposed to be @ Kampar till today (Sunday) 2. The sick body of mine 3. The idiot sure-will-regret-if-you-potong-line

This is the only photo taken during the Chinese Public Speaking CompetitioN!!


This entry is regarding the essence of Kampar, which is place you should go and food you should eat while you're here @ Kampar, Perak.

the Routine while I am @ Kampar, Perak.

(Clockwise: Apam Balik rm0.40 each, Vegetarian Curry Puff rm0.80 each, traditional roti rm1.00 each, pumpkin pao with many flavors rm1.00 each and nasi lemak rm very cheap)

Birdly in the morning, I need to have breakfast of course. Normally, I'll go the vegetarian shop @ Old Town named 一心 OR I'll go Morning Market for food like above OR I'll go MM for rotee.

After I back from breakfast, I'll start online open asiaparttime, gmail, nuffnang, blog, youtube for 康熙来了 and facebook.

After the nap and so forth,
It's time to watch the football match!! I don't really like football but it was quite fun, though. He entered the final liaos!! Hope he'll win the match, for me =))

Dinner @ Havana. It's a very good place for dinner. The food is good with reasonable price.

Did an not ordinary thing during dinner.
I spent RM0.50 for this LOL!! So fun.

and, I bought a can of Chrysanthemum
This is so abnormal cause I only drink plain water for years deeeeee.

Headed to Klang early in the morning yesterday.
Dropped by Sunway Pyramid @ the Sasa for this hair moisturizer after considered for three times finally I bought it =))

Went Wendy's for lunch. I believe that would be the last time I went there dee cause don't really like the food. I prefer Carl's Jr =))

p.s. I still eat burger cause I am not a pure vegetarian, yet.

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