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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter Time for Christmas time~~

AT 11:46 AM
Yesterday I dropped by Winter Time after watching The Bodyguards and Assassins.

Just to accompany Kathy Lim that soon flying to the States for her degree.

Niao it's the mid of sales so many good things are gone long time ago T___T

She spent quite some time on searching the sweater she wants cause no one in the family has the experience of buying winter garments =)

And the promoters here a total of four of them only give black faces or sampat-ing talking rumors, applying cosmetics and never come and serve us or promote us. The service of Winter Time AEON Bukit Tinggi is really have a lot to be improved.

Then heading to LARRIE.
Three of us was looking for leather comfy sandals but most of them has no size dee wan I also don't know why they never wanna "replenish" the stock wan =O

Ended up we did not buy see she is with naked foot cause no size, at all.

And I am not going any where today since my pocket dried dee =X

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