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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the real thing thing I am doing later...

AT 9:26 AM
Recently a lot of people read my blog. I mean, my fat her I so scared when he reads my blog and get to know another side of me. I mean, something in my life is only applicable to friend but not parents. You know.... Um, I mean... Ya I have sooooooooooooooome secret that my parents don't know =))

So, I have to write very carefully =((

After this, I am going Sunway Pyramid or The Curve, Damansara. Ya, for shopping and have fun myself la. It's a date =X

And tomorrow I am going Pavilion cause my first sister that soon-to-be-flew to the States need to get some Universal Traveller and I forgot what's the another shop's name. Ahh whatever la.

Then on Thursday I am going back Kampar for few days cause I need to shift my house dee.... wuhOo~~ so excited and THIS is one of the reasons I plan to shift. O.o I planned to do it very simple and nice room and I said the same thing a year ago and ended up I need to beg Kari to keep everything tidy for me =X my room just cannot be tidy T___T Cause I am too busy.

Another sad thing is ya, yall know the death of my CB ACER right, I am now laptop-less so could hardly go online T___T and that is not good. And good also in a away la wth am I saying ok sorry just too emo cause of the death of my CB ACER. I added the CB cause I really hate ACER know the laptop die without any prior notice and everything in my laptop gone in a POOPS*

That is all I wanna ban leng leng go dating deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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