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Saturday, December 19, 2009


AT 12:40 PM
sou sou SOU sorry for the MIA in these two days.

I am off to Kampar and there is no laptop for me to online and this is damn damn darn pathetic one really.

Thanks to the generous of Alex Yong finaly I get to update my blog in a very limited time. I wish I can sit here to upload all my photos till I die =XX choy choy choy..

Very little of photos taken in these few days cause I am still living without a proper camera. Forgive me for a moment I am trying to get it as soon as I can deeeeeee...

I am going back tomorrow morning. T___T so fast... And I think I am going to use HP mini 110 thanks to my generous brother Zi..

This is what I got cause got injured with shifting house yesterday.

And my cute photos in my room to remind me of my crazy childhood cause I love to play with the fake cicak wtf.... =.=

and Kampar rainbow is berry nice.

Bai bai.

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