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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


AT 7:11 PM
On 28th December 2009...
I was a driver and I drove my mother to Shah Alam Seksyen 28 to meet up with her friends.

I planned to wake up at 10am because I also don't know why. Just feel like sleeping. Usually, even though I am in holiday, I wake up around 0630 to 0800 the latest. So, that day I don't know why la.. Then, I drove without breakfast and I did not even brush my teeth teehee... Was freaking hungry and still need to find the location where my mum's friend stays.

When I reached there,
I had this, my favorite KFC food

and this because I normally start my day with either fresh fruits or veges.

Ya, I went into KFC and I did not have meat =))

All is because...
♥ =__=

And when my mum was busy dealing with the hair (my mum's friend cut hair to earn $$ wan), me and Kathy Lim went to the warehouse for the first time in our life.

It's at Jalan Pandaran Seksyen 27.
They have NewBalance, PUMA, ADIDAS and many brands that I do not know.

I actually put very high expectation in this warehouse sales cause I thought I can get something real good + real cheap!!!
And when I reached the warehouse, it surprised me.

With things that I don't want. I mean, if Kari is here I think he'd be quite happy so I sent him a photo of this LOL!!!

A lot of Malay friends were here and they bought dozens of sport shoes.

I am quite disappointed because of the quality of the thing and the price was not that low also for the items that were quite nice.

So, we went home empty handed T___T I think we're the only one went home with empty hands.


Oh, and I cut my hair too.
Not much of changes because I am going to keep it long a bit see how ghost I look like later ^^
I am looking forward to cut my hair at wheel hair cut again cause they cut really nice hair and berry cheap too!! This is the entry of wheel hair cut that I posted months ago =))

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

Park on Dec 31, 2009, 9:55:00 PM said...

He will nto happy gua :P

cuz the photo u wanted to shwo him tarak Nike and Adidas XD hahah

btw, happy new year :)

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