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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the Monday without him.

AT 9:03 AM
Short update:
ahh I cannot concentrate on Blog I keep pps-ing, Face-tube-ing (FB and youtube).

A short update: I went for my eyes check the last Sunday and everything goes pretty well.

They used something to cucuk my eye corneas, they spray air on my eyes to test my eyes pressure, they numb my eyes and they use the highest brightness of light and focus on my eyes to check my inner eyes conditions =O

Everything to prove I have healthy eyes ^^ For more info, click here, and here.
If you want discount for eye laser, fine me.

and, it's Christmas. My friend Momo asked, Christmas must go church?

Back to the title.
Unlike the routine. This is the Monday what I did normally at home IF there is no any special functions or events.

Eat the fruits.

Eat the breakfast.

Eat the snacks.

And, eat the dinner.

p.s. Pathetic, right? T______T
p.p.s. I did watched a lot of movies from PPS. My life is complete with PPS. FML.
p.p.p.s I had the same nightmare, again. Should I blog about it? Should I?

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