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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vista: NASA iLasik @ The Curve, Damansara

AT 9:58 PM
Was @ The Curve yesterday. My sister came for eye check cause she is doing eye laser this Friday I think.

She's doing at Vista. My mum did before four years ago at the same place. It was pretty good.

See the prizes you will know the price. Total cost for my sister pair of eyes is RM10K. Yeah, RM10,000.00. She is paying Rm10K to burn her own cornea =X

This sentence is really motivating us to spend the 10K lol... Hope she will be alright. No more spec for her FOREVER!!!

I think, I am going to do that after I graduate, provided I have $$. I mean $$$$$.


Had lunch at Kim Gary with mum and two sisters =) This spaghetti was really yummy!!!

Not bad French toast =)

Damn nice chicken thigh!! Must try!!

That is all for tonight. I have no mood right now. I guess he is asleep while smsing with me. Bah.

Have to used to it wtfart.

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