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Monday, November 16, 2009

Howling at the New Moon

AT 12:00 PM
WARNING: the entry below is not simply Dracula.

Actually, I don't know what Twilight Saga is talking about all the while. I also don't know what so nice about Twilight Saga and made a lot of Homo sapiens like the vampire so much. I only know Twilight has bring the fame of Vampire back to the earth after so many decades and now everybody is shooting vampire-titled movies.

The doubts towards Twilight Saga ends when my boyfriend told me Twilight Saga is a very nice movie.

Since I never approached Twilight Saga in my entire life, I asked my boyfriend why you like Twilight Saga.

He says, "Twilight is about a male vampire fall in love with a lady and he needs to go against his will from sucking the blood from that lady he loves. Oh, and the characters are all handsome and pretty and hot. The romantic love hence go on."
I'd like to say, I like Twilight Saga because I like the romantic love in the story line. And, the story is like imitating the story of me and my boyfriend. Don't laugh, cause I really feel that.

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