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Sunday, November 29, 2009

celebration. interesting entry.

AT 9:43 PM
27th Nov 2009. During the day my sister went to burn her eyes corneas @ The Curve, Damansara.
It's CHRISTMAS~~ jeng jeng jeng~~

Me, fat her and two sisters went CHIKUYO for the vegetarian food. Well, as usual vegetarians consume a lot of salts cause no meat to make the food tastier. The food is salty la in short =X

We went for some lame ice-cream also =) RM5 for a cup of shit-liked ice-cream XD XD XD


29th Nov 2009. My sister with her soon-to-be-cured-red-eyes together with me and second sister went to Sunway Pyramid this noon. Went to Itallianesse Italiannies for lunch. They are having promo with two course meal for rm27.90 but guess what!! The thing really pissed me off was half of the menu wasn't available for order WTF WTF WTF!! Close your restaurant la!! Diu!! Opss.. Excuse me =)

With their spoiled light bulb burh =O

Anyways, back to the food part =)
The bread as usual.

The appetizer. Don't know what soup cause we weren't suppose to have this one =(

Another appetizer. Forgot its name cause they made us so not happi =(

But this dish was not bad la ok la forgive you.

Then my second sister ordered peppermint BOH tea which taste so like peppermint HAHAHAHHA!! Funny not? Ok not.

The BOH pouring skill by Ms Kathy Lim that just burned her corneas. Burn the corneas sounds cool to me ^^

The don't know what fish. They keep asking us to change the order so I really cannot remember the names sorry =((

Kathy Lim poured the pepper, not me =X

This is Kathy Lim. She has to wear "hak ciu" aka sun glass cause her eyes are in red now. She gets to see a lot of dandelions during night time wan. Now her eyes cannot see too bright objects. Hak ciu has to be around her all the time. So, if you wanna make her blind, please take a flash photo with her, with a condition, do it in these 7 days, IF you can see her Xp. Gosh I am so bad.

That's me waiting for the last dish damn piss liao de lo

Jiang jiang the very very horrible spaghetti with mussels. I can remember the name cause it's so not suit for my taste bud. I mean our taste buds. But we manage to finish it. The waiter some more said:" So, it's nice right? Better than risotto asparagus right? See! You all finished it" I'd like to say:"what the fark you shut up" but indeed, I said:"no, cause we don't waste food" =D I am a good girl.

Peace cause she burned her corneas still has to pay rm10k XD XD am gonna do it after graduate anyways........

Let you jealous. But this soup taste like "lo shun" soup from Kim Gary =X

And we paid this amount for the services and the food T.T

Shopping spree.
First time bought lingerie in La SENZA. Cannot resist the temptation cause keep seeing the thing thing that advertise for La SENZA in Kari's sister's car.
And hence, I lost my rm139

Then, I cannot resist this cute thing.

So, I spent another half of fifty right here T__T but this is better than Italiannies lor definitely.

Spent another RM30 @ espirit esprit for the EDC singlet.

Then back home in the evening =)

Who wanna sponsor Queen Kylie this?? It's from Diamond & Platinum!!

p.s. I am going to Kampar either this midnight or dawn tomorrow. See you guys there. I get to eat fresh sat kei mah dee nenebubu!!

5 beep(s) to KahYee:

Anonymous said...

Wat is [ sat kei mah dee nenebubu] Mean ? Thank You v(^.^)v

LimKahYee, Kylie on Nov 29, 2009, 11:31:00 PM said...

sat kei mah means 萨其马 the food kinda biscuit like that wan...

Anonymous said...

Thx. I Goooogle it. Saw the rice alike biscuit. Beijing popular 4 season 甜点。I got see it in Pasar Malam. Nice to eat ma? NOT VERY SWEET ma?

LimKahYee, Kylie on Dec 1, 2009, 8:51:00 AM said...

it's very nice to eat. the sweetness.. ok lo I think it's ok cause i don't consume too sweet things also =)

Anonymous said...

Hee Hee ^^

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