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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A day in peejay...

AT 9:10 PM
DONE FOR MY SENSODYNE PROJECT!!! I quit cause Sensodyne cut cost and give only rm80/day =O

Bye bye Sensodyne, you know you are good cause I sold 120++ of you in one day =)


Yesterday I woke up very early to accompany Kari to MBPJ for his survey task.
I had Malay style Chicken rice as breakfast. I always miss the taste of malay chicken rice =O

I was settled down in Kopi OH! restaurant.

Sat in this position for 4 hours till my back pain T___T

Didn't even finish the ice blended cappuccino white coffee...


Four hours later and another 20 minutes of waiting, and I back from checking in Old Klang road............

Finally he came back with this envelope and thanks to ACNielsen I waited for 4 hours and 20 minutes (or more than that).

Went back home after had this vegetarian rice.

Tomorrow's update: wanna know what is NASA iLasik? Come back tomorrow~~ =D

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