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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The thing thing I am doing...

AT 5:20 PM
Short drama: A small drama happened yesterday. My fat her gave me a cup of tea after the gathering with high school friend. The tea is sour wan T___T But every time I told him the food sour he won't believe so I drink half of it. The next whole day I wasn't feeling well =((


I attended HP Future is ... event. For more, click here.


These are the things I used after I bath.
No reason. Just to post it on.

Alright, I went to training last Friday.

For GSK again, it's breatheright.
Pretty useful though. For those who has allergic nose, those running nose and those who snore.
It improves 31% of the air flow when you're inhaling.

Four easy steps!! It cost RM1 per piece like this.

This is my uniform. I am going to work in Watson AEON Bukit Tinggi.

After I came back from training, I received an envelope.
An envelope from CELLNIQUE.

They sent me this.

I mean, this XD XD so small bottle to test their product. I used for two days already. The effect not bad.

And lastly,
ya my dead laptop T_____T CB ACER the hard disk spoiled without any prior notice wtf wtf wtf T___T

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