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Sunday, January 24, 2010

it's strawberries....

AT 1:51 PM
It is very early 7 in the morning. I was being kacau-ed up at 0600. And yes it is a strawberries day cause I was heading to Highland de Cameron.

Had my breakfast at Old Town, Kampar.
A piece of roti telur.


Then, someone drove.


Reached the BOH Farm
and had the egg sandwich that cost RM5.00 with a cup of Jasmine Green tea. Yes I had Jasmine because I was thinking of Yong Jian. I admit it kay.

Oh and I went Cameron with all the accounting students. Cause biotech students dong like Cameron XD XD XD since we deal with plants for the entire last semester =X

On top of the BOH mountain,
There were a lot this kinda thing thing can be seen.

Iz me. I wasn't feeling well after I climbed to the top of the mountain. Ya cause I was not feeling well la in short. Almost puke there and leave an unforgettable memory there FML.

See I really wasn't feeling well that is why very little photos and a lot ugly photos.

Kari found this the butterflies bersetubuh-ing.

And we thought these spider webs are interesting LOL!

Finally you see something colorful HAHA!

It is some berries but I dare not try it cause I am chicken =O

With this tree again LOL!!

This is the favorite shoot of the day.

Emo #1

wuHOO the phat me!!

Do you know what's the focus of this photo?

It is the three-leaves-plant.


I walked this distance and almost puke. Weak me.

I love this photo so this is favorite #2 XD XD

iz me..

iz me, again.

You will see this when you're on the way up to BOH farm.

Iz not me =p

I culik-ed this flower horn again. Last time was white. Now is pink.

iz me, again, again.

Some indications of some famous locations #1

Some indications of some famous locations #2

The fishes at the famous temple.

Fav shoot #3

Outside of the temple.

Then we went for steamboat at a random shop.

The phone non-stop ringing is really annoying.


Apparently it's the cactus.

and more cactus,

and more cactus XD

Some deco at the place. Dong know what's the place name already.

TOP1 fav photo FHL
"Hi, do you want some butt head juice?"

Vege #1

Vege #2

Some random people XD

The strawberry waffle ♥♥♥♥

The half strawberry cheese cake ♥♥

The strawberry pancake ♥♥♥

The fresh strawberries chocolate @ Raju's ♥♥♥♥♥


And I bought this pot of Chrysanthemum for my FYP purposes.

We went back at this timing. Which is 12 hours after 7am.

Iz me while waiting some people went peepee.

Had a real fun day with them =))


Iz me in my car waiting for Indo Mee double as dinner. Cause someone stole my roti T___T

Kay, it's Monday tomorrow and I am kinda lazy to back to Uni. And I am glad that I have the car stickers cause it is something like I kena lottery but I have to pay when I kena this lottery. It's so wtf. Many people beg to pay for the car stickers. I hate the management. Just dong like.

Mama, I dong like.

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