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Monday, January 4, 2010

the 500th entry: first day of 2010 in Genting Highland.

AT 10:30 PM
Instead of selling pineapple I went to Genting Highland after hesitating for one minute with my Kathy Lim and fat her.
So, who's my fat her?
This is my father!! Handsome not? HANDSOME!!!

We spent 1 and half hours waiting for cable car only reach top of Genting wan FML.

After eating something really bad to eat, I think it's the 好友 fastfood, my fat her went to the place every adults enter and me and Kathy Lim went shopping.

We entered BUM CITY.

and we spent three hours there I think.

When I was waiting Kathy Lim changing in fitting room.

Before she enter fitting room LOL!!

Iz me!! Someone said me phat dee T____T YOU ALSO FAT AD I TELL U!!! T____T
Oh me and Kathy Lim spent rm200 nett in BUM CITY. What I bought? (she doesn't wanna reveal what she bought so never mind =))

The RM10 scarf.

The RM4.90's shopping bag. It's good for environment. I planned to bring it every time I go for classes =)) Wuhoo I am well planed.

The tee that chosen by Kathy and I bought it without testing it =)) Cool not? I mean me, not the tee.

The RM3.90 hairpin. Ah Diao NAH!!! NO NEED YOU GIVE I BUY MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn pissed.

RM25 short pant from Cotton On. Oh, this is from One U.

and omg I found this baby. It has all the requirements that I want. The colors are white and purple, the design everything so I bought it after on hesitation even no consideration also.
i love this the most!!!!! RM 79.

cute ma?? HA!! for my phone.. RM5.90


1 beep(s) to KahYee:

Anonymous said...

Haha, yea agree, your dad is handsome!

Nice clothes too! Enjoy and take care. =D

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