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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Project: Queen Kylie Forever 21

AT 2:10 PM
This project is done to welcome the 21st year of my life. 
In this project Queen Kylie Forever 21, things have been planned since 3 years ago, to obtain these achievements in terms of object(s), result(s), self-performances and etc. 


#1: I gotten myself a camera, with my own money 

#2: Welcomed the wisdom teeth in my life 

#3: Won myself Samsung Jet through this contest 

#4: Went to Ip Man 2 premiere and watched this movie with EON Bank managers 

#5: Went to experience the LIVE F1 at SIC 

#6: Experienced the LIVE Thomas Cup watching Lin Dan  vs Lee Chong Wei 

#7: Invited to DiGi Break Free Party as an reward of this contest.

And met awesome co-founder of nuffnang, Tim Tiah,

and pretty bloggers.

#8: Emceed an event for University, La Nuit De Fantôme '10.

#9: got invitation to PJLA theater show.

#10: Bought my first Couch.

#11: got the 6th cheque from Nuffnang 

#12: Went to oneFM casting as a DJ, and still pending.

#13: Going Tioman Island after I finish my final final exam! *can't wait* 

#14 Done my thesis!!! BIG ACHIEVEMENT CAN!!! T__T 

#15 Gotten distinction for my curriculum

#16: Went to Johor
#17: Graduating for Bachelor Degree earliest among friends (proud**) 
#18: Earned myself the first RM 3000
#19: First exam replacement (derr...)
#20: Went for job interview and got job offered (YAY!!! Still considering to accept or not!)
#21: UNINTENTIONALLY Gained 5 kg per year FML T____________T

 Happy Forever 21 to myself!!! 
 myself, my life ~

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

Cayenne on Sep 7, 2010, 2:19:00 PM said...

wah gee. happy forever 21 to u too! aha!

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