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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Overall: Malaysian Grand Prix 10'

AT 12:20 PM
The Formula 1 is ended at China and the next station is Spain. Jenson Button won twice dee and Alonso was not even in Top3.


For the F1 that I attended in Malaysia, International Sepang Circuit, it shows like below:

During the qualifying day, it was apparently sux,

because the weather turned up like this. T____________T
Therefore some odd people took the first place instead of those famous'.

Due to the over-heavy-rain also, this happened.
They had to stop racing and waved hands with us @@!

So, on the racing day,
the weather was pretty okay. Windy and sunny =))
That is me~!!!

And him!

The Royal Air Force show.
I said:" That is the only purpose for the air force in Malaysia."

Some of the drivers =P

The place I sat the other day got so many things to watch.
First, this car broke down.

Schumacher's car broke down.

I really thought the scene he sat on the ciplak motorbike really ironic HAHAHA!
Cause a second before, he sat on the car that the tire already cost numerous K US Dollar and then the motorbike........ You know....

It was quite surprising though. But I heard many people cheering =X

There was another car broke down in front of me also but that is just minor wan I don't think yall wanna see also XD.

Then, the race went normal and run for two hours, without rain!

I have a conclusion with the drivers. I think Hamilton and Alonso are real good.
Jenson Button will be the black horse then =D

Bye bye F1. See you don't know how many years later T_______T
It's a real good experience though.
Experienced a bottle of 500 ml mineral water cost RM5.00 and 6 clusters of satay cost RM20.00

p.s. This is part of the QueenKylieForever21 project. I am not sure whether you know what does "QueenKylieForever21" means but sooner you'll know!! It's my secret project HAHAHAHAH!!

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