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Friday, April 2, 2010

Day1 @ F1 (SIC)

AT 7:28 PM
The first day (not official wan la) of the opening of Sepang International Circuit to human being to visit and experience the closer look at a seat that cost RM 2000+

So, it is kinda wasted if those who bought RM200+ tickets did not come today cause tomorrow you are not qualified to be there anymore T__________T

*please scroll down for surprise*

After you enter the entrance, this is the first thing that you gonna see.
The Marlboro cigarette sellers X.x They sell but you cannot smoke there. Ironic isn't it? @@! just dong get it.


The second is the merchandise retailers. To be precise, it's actually merchandise retailersssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss =)
This is the Ferrari punye. If I am not mistaken, there are at least, 3 areas selling Ferrari's items.

*please scroll down for extras*

And this, is Malaysia de. Those discounts items are 08' items X.x
And due to it's the first day, everything is in a mess. And the sales persons are more than the customers but yet those plenty of sales persons know nothing bout the items being sold there. FML.

I mean, FtheirL.

Merchandise x 2

The rating board big big one. Can be seen clearly once you approaching the seats.

*please scroll down for preview*

Yes my seat is at the Mall area, Main Grandstand. Proud *.*


The circuit baby!!!!
Nice shot, right? LOL!

The scandalous Hamilton's =X
and of course Jenson Button's. Button did quite well in the practice just now.
But of course Hamilton was the first, again. Since he practiced a lot on the road, you know...


You can see this every where there like no need money lidat =_=

People went there to see Hamilton only meh? NO!!!! To see Alonso and Massa from the Ferrari of course! (I didn't take picture of Schumacher paiseh... It was bit far ha...

It's me and the people. "Some say, the picture of mine will look nice, ONLY when it's blur."

Me and the Ferrari-es.

Apparently this is my outfit of the day =C

*please scroll down for sneak preview*

Alright, here is it. My seat is located some where nearby here. Which is directly opposite to the VIP's.

I don't care cause my view is better than their's!!

Seriously lors...

You see har...

Nah #1

Nah #2

Nah #3

Nah #4.
Don't laugh at this plastic seat cause those who pay RM1000 over also having the same kinda seat as me kays!!!

Nah #5
A very big plasma TV is in fronta me and no such thing will happen!!!

*please scroll down for your own good!*

Random #1

Nah #6

Random #2
And not forget to mention, their toilets quite dull. SCARY #.#

Aite, this is a very nice wan you can see when you're leaving SIC.

And this is the surprise/preview/good for yall.

Want more?
Wait for tomorrow ;)

p.s. I is sou excited!!

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