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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

how to purchase an F1 ticket...

AT 9:35 AM
The F1 is on the hot plate right now and I am joining the other thousands of people to watch the F1 Petronas Malaysian GP LIVE at Sepang International Circuit (SIC) this weekend!

Of course, I am not so lucky like some people that win themselves tickets through and some other channels. I bought the tickets myself.

In the progress of buying the tickets, I found something interesting and must-know-knowledge that you should know to prevent kena conned or get the wrong info and have a bad experience on your F1 journey.

First of all, if you buy the tickets online, you have to pay at least RM 25 for delivery fees. And this is subject to change because the delivery service is only available for early birds.

And hence, for those who not willing to pay for that, any tickets redemption can ONLY be made in

SIC outlet at KL Central, KL.
Regardless of the tickets or booking is made online or to some other branches in Sunway, Midvalley or One Utama. Click here for more tickets retailing outlet. In addition, there are also some travelling package for those who stay far far far away from SIC.

Secondly, it's the price and categories of the tickets allocated.
SIC divided the circuit to Main Grandstand, Grandstand, and Hillstand tickets.

For these three categories, there are ranged from RM2600 - RM100.
For more, click here.
Apparently, the higher the price the better the tickets. The differences of the tickets are as below:
  1. With / without concert access.
  2. With / without shelter.
  3. With / without kangaroo tv and/or plasma tv.
  4. How many curve you can see.
  5. Numbered seated or not.
  6. ONLY ticket holder of Main Grandstand can come for the rehearsal or pre-run on Friday (which is a day before the official act)

And SOME unpredicted additional money that you MUST pay, as below:
  1. Car parking access RM 50 (longer distance to Grand Mall) or RM 100 (shorter distance to grand Mall) per car for two days access.
  2. Lunch meals because no outside food and drink is allowed that costs RM50 for two days for single meal each day.
  3. Radio headphone that cost RM30, RM60 or RM 90. RM30 sold out centuries ago so you have to spend more and more to get your own ear plug. Because F1 is too noisy =D
  4. Oh and, transaction fee of RM2 will be charged per ticket sold. Damn CB RM2 also wanna grab I dong know why.

For student price tickets, there are only two types of tickets available.
1. Topaz RM 250 (originally RM 700)
2. Citrine RM 150 (originally RM 500)
Which are both from Main Grandstand. COOL!!

*important notes*: If you wanna buy student priced tickets, remember that, ANYONE can buy it for you because no ID is required when you're purchasing the tickets.

Student ID in required ONLY when you are entering the main gate of SIC.

Some extra news for you, if you ought to buy RM100 ticket which is not number seated & without plasma TV & without shelter, THINK TWICE!

A friend of my fat her had an experience, for RM100 ticket, there is only grass available for you. Therefore it is called Hillstand tickets =X And this friend of my fat her he went there and see almost nothing cause the cars are too fast and no shelter no plasma tv and apparently after vroooooooooooom for few seconds then they have to wait emptily for another 15 minutes to see something appear in fronta them, again.

The funny thing is, they don't even know when the race was finished X.x for me this is a bit unnecessary to pay RM100 for that la. With RM100 you can watch 10 movies in cinema with air-conditioned some more leh right?

So, above are some of my opinions. Hope it can help you to get the tickets in an easier way without need to make millions of phone calls and ask so many questions that people will laugh at you ;)

3 beep(s) to KahYee:

Afra Yuri on Mar 30, 2010, 1:20:00 PM said...

thanx for the info! :)
so which ticket did you bought?

LimKahYee, Kylie on Mar 30, 2010, 1:39:00 PM said...

Yuri: I bought the RM250 wan lors.. You going too? =)

Echa Derystia on Feb 22, 2012, 7:34:00 PM said...

Thanks for the info!!
But, I'm still confused, so when you bought the tickets for RM250(if I'm not wrong) it's for 3days (fri-sun)? Or just for the race day?
Did you meet the drivers? And can take some photos with them?

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