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Sunday, March 14, 2010

no small head with big hat.

AT 8:24 AM
Currently, I am driving the mum's newly bought Vios

Instead of my own

I felt the whole-load of pressures on me until I almost get crazy and exhausted.

Reason why I felt pressure:
  1. I have the chance to drive this car because my mother wants me to take care of this car at Kampar since at home no one is free to take care of it i.e. wash it every night, vacuum it etc. So, other than Bachelor Degree of Science (HONS) Biotechnology, I am also pursuing Bachelor Degree of Mechanical (HONS) Car Maintainence.
  2. My parents count every single meter for me. Which means, they know how many meters I run during the time me at Kampar. I believe my sister also encounter this problem. For example if I come out from house to UTAR go-return too often then I die. There is once I went Cameron just to buy my FYP flowers and I got &#$(*&#$&%#$&#@@(*&#$* When I drive VIVA, no such thing will happen.
  3. I cannot have a single scar on this car. When I drive this car, I have to be extremely very careful and thus, I cannot show my real ability or skill of driving a car like what I did to Viva last time. T___________T I am so not me. I am a diva of Viva but I am a bird of Vios.
So, I think I am returning back the car to my mother and tell her sorry I cannot take the HEAVY responsibility of taking care of her car. T_________________T

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