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Friday, March 12, 2010

when I am...

AT 9:48 PM
When I am not happy, I will pluck my armpit hair. Because, after plucking the armpit hairs I feel myself is clean and confidence. The feeling of plucking every single hair of armpit, UHH!!! After you pluck you see the effect and feel the different like IMMEDIATELY! Then, it's smooth XD XD XD

Usually people will not have appetite during their sad moments but for me, it works just opposite cause I can really eat a lot.

Also, when sad time, I will also wash toilet, wash car, sweep or mop floor. T_______T

My sadness is hardly to be seen by people.

I smile and laugh loudly, it doesn't mean I am not sad =X

Recently, I fall in love with ribena. Because it is sweet. It made me happy.

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